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Justice for Armando

I wish I could say I became a lawyer because I wanted to fight for justice in the world. But I can’t. Well, I could, but it would be a dang dirty lie. I became a lawyer because it paid a crapload of money. However, I do believe in fighting for justice. Always have. Some call it “vindictive.” Others, “revenge.” Me? I call it justice.
When I was little if you made fun of me, you got punched in the face. If you punched me in the face, you got kicked repeatedly in the ribs. You steal from me, I wreck your clothes. You lie on me, I start bawling hysterically and tell the vice principal you hurt me.
Fair is fair.
I cannot abide injustice. And the more I watch this clip, the angrier I get. I don’t even care about baseball! I certainly don’t care about Detroit baseball!
But Galarraga did something amazing and through sheer incomptence, the guy in charge of making sure that amazing thing got into the history books, fracked it up.
It FURTHER infuriates me that he admits it, the tapes back him up AND YET nothing has been done!
Again, I’m not baseball afficiando. I don’t know the eleven fifty other games whose courses were changed by bad calls. I just care about this one.
And I’ll be watching to see if Bud Selig does the right thing. If not…well, somebody might be getting a preshook can of coke for his birthday.

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  1. Alceste Says:

    Terrible call. Shows why instant replay is a good thing. But I hate the idea of changing the call now — besides, from his perspective, we all know he threw a perfect game, and he’s going to be more famous for having one taken away than he would have been had the call been right (can you even name the first player to throw a perfect game this year? probably not)

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    I can name the last one to throw a perfect game before Galarraga!

  3. Alceste Says:

    Right, but, without looking it up, who was the other player to throw a perfect game this season? (Hint: He rules a land of his own in the middle of the diamond.)

    Anyways, Selig came out with a statement earlier today — one of the few sensible things I have seen from him — don’t be expecting a change in the ruling though — didn’t affect the outcome of the game, didn’t involve a misinterpretation of the rules – just a bad call — lots of bad calls everyday (that one might not even have been as bad as the one in the mariners game last night, which did affect the outcome) — best to work to prevent bad calls in the future

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    Boo. Selig sucks. Now ask me a question where Halladay is the answer. Cause I know that one and want to look like a baseball statistics geek!

  5. Alceste Says:

    How about: Who is currently better than any starting pitcher for the Mets?

  6. Dawn Summers Says:

    Are those the same Mets who swept the Braves?

  7. Alceste Says:

    Sure. (Also the same Mets who are currently 4 1/2 back of the Braves in the NL East and have the fourth best run differential in a 5-team division that includes the Nationals.) In any event, I readily acknowledge that Halladay is better than any starting pitcher for the Braves.

  8. Dawn Summers Says:

    Blah blah blah Mets swept the Braves.

  9. Dawn Summers Says:

    hahaa I quite enjoy our comment section conversations in which no one else participates.

  10. Alceste Says:

    It’s becoming a regular feature here at Clareified. You lose your blog for three days, and your commenters disappear.

  11. Dawn Summers Says:

    It was four days!

  12. Ugarles Says:

    You should know the other name, Dawn. It was Dallas Braden. Sounds enough like “Brady” that it should register. The difference is that Braden is under contract and likes his team.

  13. Gib Says:

    Mark Buerhle of the White Sox threw one last year. Which also counts as this year, since I’m kind of inclined to tune out the White Sox 2010, at least until Ozzie Guillen’s next rampage. Which is honestly kind of overdue.

  14. Pearatty Says:

    Mr. P. said, upon watching the news story of the pitcher shaking the umpire’s hand and forgiving him: “that’s why Baseball shouldn’t go to instant replay — that handshake is a much more meaningful event than pitching a perfect game.”

    He’s kind of a hippie, that Mr. P.

  15. Dawn Summers Says:

    LOL! I was gonna say…you can take yer handshake and stick it! I want my name is the history books with the other *only* 24 dudes who did it.

  16. » We’ll fix it later Says:

    […] Addendum: Dawn Summers, to say the least, disagrees. […]

  17. OhCaptain Says:

    Call should stand or every single pitch he threw should be checked for balls and strikes. It would only be fair. I’m sure someone should be getting a walk or a few more pitches. It would be fair to them.

  18. Dawn Summers Says:


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