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Reciprocal Linking

If there’s anyone out there who has a blog and links to Clareified and would like to get some link love back, send me an email or comment to this post. Actually, just comment to this post.

5 Responses to “Reciprocal Linking”

  1. Pokerwolf Says:

    Comment. Comment. Comment.

    Also, comment.

  2. Jamie Says:

    Two words: Strawberry Cheesecake

  3. Daniel Says:

    So everyone can have correct opinions!

  4. Daniel Says:

    So everyone can have correct opinions.

  5. Alastair Says:

    Hi – I don’t know you. My typepad stats said that someone clicked through this url to get to my blog, so being curious who was linking me and why I went to have a look – except you aren’t linking me, so I have no idea what that’sll about.

    Anyway, since I found myself here I had a quick read and was pretty excited to see all the references to poker and scrabble. I play poker for a living and I’m also a tournament scrabble player, and I don’t often hear people talking about both those things at the same time, so I got excited. Anyway, due to all that stuff I decided to link your blog from mine even though i don’t know who you are and I haven’t read your blog before. If you link me back that’d be great but if you don’t on account of me being a random person on the internet that’s okay too.

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