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Monday, July 8th, 2013 by Dawn Summers

Whoever is in charge of mailing me Zac Efron, PLEASE make sure there are air holes in the box!

Let’s do this ONE MORE TIME!

*dances crazy*

Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 by Dawn Summers

Happy Birthday to Sid the kid

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

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The hippest cat in the hood.

I still remember getting the text, three years ago, announcing your super early arrival. July is the bestest birthday month of them all! Too bad VinNay and Smokey don’t know anything about that!

Birthday season continueth

Monday, July 18th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

Now, tis my joyous happy birthday season, so I hate to bring down the mood of the blog with my sad tales of starving on my birthday after missing my reservation at Rosa Mexicano because a monsoon hit Brooklyn and traffic made grocery shopping take four hours instead of forty minutes.

I shall spare you the misery of carrying my forty pound birthday cake to Tribeca and somehow dropping the bootleg 7/11 turkey sandwich I bought, somewhere along the route from the bodega to the poker game.

Never you mind that I’ve been miserably sick *twice* in the last three weeks and the kind resident who perused my chart as I sucked in oxygen from a tube, was all “hey, you just had a birthday, huh”?
And when I nodded weakly beneath the plastic mask, she said, in a pitying voice, matched only by the pitying look in her eye, “well, happy belated birthday.”

No, ye shall hear none of those self indulgent tales of woe today! That kind of transparent grasp for lots and lots of comments to make me feel better is something I might have done when I was 29 or 30.
But now that I am 31, I am wiser and tougher and I focus on the awesome positive things.

Like…um… I got to eat cake for dinner on my birthday! And Charlie let me hijack his bimonthly poker game and everyone there sang me happy birthday…well, almost everyone… Oh and Charlie got me a designer momufuko cake which was deee-licious and Mary didn’t get any! Ha!

And though I didn’t win the tournament, that meant I got to go home early and get in a good night’s rest for my barbecue the next day.

In keeping with the theme of this particular birthday season, I shanghai’d Pi’s gorgeous Ditmas Park house and we grilled out on her porch.
(OH. MY. GOSH! Baby Alexander is totally walking already! He’s three months old, so no one believes me AND he won’t walk for anyone else, so I can’t videorecord it, BUT IT HAPPENED!!)

Ahem. Where was I?

Oh, it was fun! My nemesis Amanda drove down from Connecticut with a fancy delicious vanilla cake decorated to celebrate the sweet, darling young lady that I am. And she totally won herself fans. My mom was all “can you make a cake for my birthday in August”?

Why is my mom always trying to remind people that her birthday is in August? So unseemly. Doesn’t she know you’re just supposed to let Facebook gently nudge your nearest and dearest? Sheesh.
Speaking of facebook, I had SOOOO MANY WALL POSTS! I couldn’t even get through them all to make notations on all the people who I still talk to and all the people who are dead to me. That’s a lie. I did that the very next morning. *whistles*
Oh, young Sidney and his dad came to the BBQ too. Ugarles hands me his usual buns from Errol’s (a treat I used to get as a kid when my godmother lived across the street from Ugarles’ current house.) And he says “there was a homeless man on the train and I thought about giving him the buns, but I didn’t want to find out if you could actually kill someone with sideeye.”
OH! Mary got me a set of live action plush angry birds, and Sidney was totally whacking the pig like a pro. I’m all “how does a two-year-old know how to play angry birds?”
And Ugarles is all “um…what? You think I parent? That’s what smartphones are for, woman.”

He’s lucky his boy is a genius. Like seriously, I was showing off Sidney’s vocabulary to all my friends like I had something to do with it. “Sidney, what are those called?”

“The cymbals, I told you that already,” he sighs.

“See? See? That Patriots outfit I bought for him when he was baby TOTALLY made him brilliant!”

And then when Amanda was all “what color is that,” he just about laughed in her face. “I dunno, it might be cobalt, but I guess it’s closer to navy.”

His parents should rent him out.

Hmmm, what else? Oh, my twitter friend starfishncoffee came, so my mom was all “two black friends?! WOW!”

Yeah, that’s right. I’m hip.

Props to Pdov (who Alexander totally loves! What is it with the Asians and the Jews?) Peter, Pretty Numbers and Gene for making it out to the BBQ AND the late night poker game. You guys are the bestest!

Thanks to Alceste and Dawn 2 for making my descent into alcoholism easier.

Thanks to the Jakes for funding my future ill advised late night Amazon shopping sprees.

Thanks to Smokey for nicely complementing Pearatty’s gift with a huge box of fancy coffee beans! I’m going to plant some and try to grow a coffee tree. I AM! I AM! YOU CAN’T STOP ME!

Thanks to the anonymous donor who got me the awesome sceenplaywriting software I’ve been coveting FOREVER!

OH and thanks to Fisch, who, in addition to getting me awesome presents, took my laptop from infected and dying to just slow and old. I would give him extra props for working on it in the middle of the night even though he has pneumonia, but I know he was just terrified that I would make good on my promise to move into his son’s room if I had to buy a new laptop that I couldn’t afford.

I also managed not to end up in twitter jail this year for tweeting too much! Huzzah for me! AND THE METS won on my birthday!

METS! WON! Huzzah!

Okay, so now you totally think the birthday post is over, right? And you’re like all ready to comment awesome comments and then… your phone rings and it’s KAZ AND TITO!

“Huh? what? No, the post is over guys, I’ve already ended it with my traditional “huzzah…” you’re on your way over? With my birthday key lime pie?!

“What? It’s not key lime?” O_O

“Oh, no, you were joking? It IS keylime! O-KAY! Then I guess the birthday post can continue for a little while longer.”

THAT TOTALLY HAPPENED! I had already left Pi’s house and was all “oh…no keylime pie…er…I mean no wonderful hanging out with Kaz and Tito.”

Not that I noted all those who weren’t there and put them on lists.

Oh, Pearatty was also all “yeah we’re flying out to Toronto,” in the first week of July. And I was all yeah “Toronto” suuurrreeee. I mean, no way is my adorable Arizona nephew flying East *during my birthday month* and NOT coming to see me in Brooklyn. Right? RIGHT? But, as if he could read my mind, her husband kept sending daily pictures like “here we are on the plane to Toronto.”

“Here we are landing in Toronto.”

“This is our hotel in Toronto.”

“Here we are eating the local Toronto dish of Toronto fried Toronto beans.”

Then, finally a shot of the whole family holding up a “seriously, Dawn, we’re in Toronto. We are not coming to your BBQ in Brooklyn. To-ron-to” sign.

I’m keeping the fresh towels out in the Pearatty suite, though, you know… just in case.

But yeah, so anyway, after the BBQ was over Kaz and Tito came by my apartment and we had birthday party number two…or three. I was all “wooo, I went from no key lime pie at all to key lime pie all for myself!”

“What do you mean, you are going to stay and eat key lime pie with me? Who says? That was not what I agreed to.”

But it was fun. Kaz played with the live angry birds even though something something open source freeware code. And we watched Machete and I learned that my George Foreman grill actually makes really good hamburgers and hot dogs VERY FAST!

Oh yes, it’s been a Dawn Summers BBQ everyday since then. OH and they got me THE. GREATEST. T-shirt. EVER.

Okay and now the birthday post is over.

*looks around* *checks phone* *checks mailbox*


Happy Birthday Dawn, love Don Draper

Friday, July 8th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

Are we there yet?

Thursday, July 7th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

Countdown math even Dawn Summers can do!

I got a present today that I can open tomorrow and everything…though the delicious aroma already tells me I know what it is!

My mom gave me a card. I was all “today isn’t my birthday.” She’s all “It’s around now isn’t it?”


Shady Pines, Ma, Shaaayyydeeeee Piiiinnnnneeesssss!

Birthday Season watch

Friday, July 1st, 2011 by Dawn Summers

OMG! Totally almost got into a t-bone car crash today! Car is now at the dealership and I won’t have a vehicle until Tuesday…like a homeless person.

Where can I hire those guys with that thing that carried Cleopatra around? I have stuff to do!

This weekend should be fun. We’re cutting our hair off, manicure and pedicuring it up and *gasp* possibly doing that evil threading thing again…I haven’t decided…

Mets take on our dreaded mortal enemies today in Citifield. I wanted to go, but no car plus busy with the hair, so I’m going to settle for flatscreen viewage.

OH, so I’ve decided that this birthday season I want to taste moscato and absinthe. Plus, try poutine. Whatever that is.
Speaking of, Happy Canada Day to Astin and Pearatty, again, whatever that is.


Friday, July 1st, 2011 by Dawn Summers

Now, to avoid getting killed in a traffic accident…


Monday, June 27th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

It’s F-train’s birthday! YAY!

Happy birthday season to me!!

Oh…wait…or is that tomorrow? Pout.

Stupid June.

Final birthday thanks

Thursday, July 29th, 2010 by Dawn Summers

Thanks to the amazon largesse of the Jakes and baby Max and his parents (wanna see a picture of him on an airplane? No? Too bad: babymax)

I am getting a home television studio. Despite the cries and petitions being circulated by one three letter named lady whose name starts with T and ends with e and has an a in the middle, this is an AWESOME development. Hater.

When I return to blogging (uh, yeah, I’m still not back. This is an illussssiiioooonnn illllooooooooosssssssssssssiiiooon) I want to be more attentive and professional with my writing and posting, (ahem, thank you Alceste for noticing). So, we need an outlet for the lazy crazy!

Thus, we bring you Clareifeyes! (Named by this blog’s godfather, Peter, the totally not a donut stealer. )

On Liz Wheaton’s (though I think I’m more partial to ‘Eliza Wheaton’) suggestion, I’m getting a Kodak HD filmadoohickey (um? Camera?) and a tripod and remote control and extra rechargeable batteries! Wheee.)

Can anyone recommend easy to handle film editing software — preferably free and easily downloadable from the internets?

Also, what type of stuff do we want to see? I can write sitcoms, I can do reality, I can take you on tours of Brooklyn, ohhh…you can watch TV with me! Maybe I’ll do a cooking show for people who can’t cook which involves lots of mixing and microwaving. It’ll be exciting!