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VinNay Guest Post – GenCon Trip Report

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 by Smarty Pants

Gencon 2012 is in the books.  This year I convinced 2 local friends to make the trip with me.  We were meeting a few college friends of mine, plus two other local friends who have since moved away.

The drive out was ok. One of my friends is a non-smoker and threatened to drive himself if we were going to smoke in the car.  I thought about calling his bluff, but didn’t for sake of party cohesion. It took us about 8.5 hours because we stopped frequently for smoke breaks and hit a White Castle along the way. Not sure what the big deal about White Castle is.  The burgers suck.

We arrived and I grabbed my badge in the VIG (Very Important Gamer) lounge, while my friends waited hours in line for theirs.  Yeah, that’s how I roll. I had a quick GM’s meeting with Catalyst because I was running some games for them, and then we headed up to the Shadowrun Meet and Greet. Many beers were had. The Meet and Greet moved to a bar and many more beers were had. We got a few Shadowrun rules cleared up for us by the design team.  Like using babies as armor, and using grenades as projectile weapons. Fun times.

My college friends arrived around 10pm, so we went to meet them. Catching up and more drinking happened.

VIG early admittance started at 9am Thursday morning. My head hurt, but I wanted to get into dealer hall before the masses to make sure I got a few things I wanted before they sold out. Like a Tardis bathrobe. And a creepy dice bag made by Abbotts Hollow.

We had a 10AM demo of Inevitable by our friend Lex, one of the designers of the game. Very fun if you like games in which you screw over your opponents. I picked up a copy. Spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the halls, trying some new games, and looking at all the costumes.

One thing they was awesome this year were all the food trucks.  Indy has had a food truck explosion. There were 10 trucks outside the con at any given time, rotating for lunch, dinner, and late night. Cheap and tasty.

Thursday night was our Shadowrun tournament (day 1), we ended up having to take two girls onto our 6 man team, one of which had not played before.  Grrrr.  They were fun, but it hurt us. Especially since they grabbed characters that really made us shuffle around our standard roles. Also our GM on day 1 was mediocre and seemed to favor the girls for interaction. Balls.

When the tourney (day 1) was over at midnight, we headed to play Are You a Werewolf?  Eric and Adrian (Buffalo friends) did not seem that interested, but once they played, they were hooked.  We did that until about 4am. Oh, and somehow we had a bunch of booze mixed in.

Friday we had a convention only SR mission (umm, I won’t both explaining what that means), and then day 2 of the SR tournament.  Day 2 was better, we came up with a kick ass plan to what was essentially A Train Job.  Bad part was, the GM didn’t pace us well and we didn’t finish in time.  He seemed a bit disinterested, and though he said we probably had the best overall plan we didn’t get the full points because he fucked us over on time.  So, in the end we finished 5th in the tournament and won zero swords. Sean (college friend) had been texting us to come to some bar for about two hours.  Apparently there were lots of hot girls in costume.  By the time we got there it was pretty dead, so we had a few drinks and . . . and . . . I don’t remember it gets fuzzy. I guess we had a bunch of drinks.

Saturday I was running some games for Catalyst Game Labs. They were fun. Got some kids interested in Shadowrun and demoed the game for a group of post grad physicists from Purdue.  Afterwards we were supposed to go back to the JW Marriot for a game of Paranoia, but some of us stopped off at the Cards Against Humanity World Championships.  I had been looking for this game for months because they sold out their kickstarter and was hoping they might have some for sale at the event.

When we got there, the game developers (a few college age kids) let us join the tournament, though they had no sets for sale.  I bubbled the final table. They gave us all free copies of the game. Classy kids. Great game. It’s like Apple to Apples for adults. Back at the JW, we got some food, and missed both Paranoia and Dread games we had scheduled.

Finished the night off with booze, more Are You a Werewolf, and Battletech Combat Pods. Combat pods are hard when drunk. Got to sleep around 6am. Hit the road for home at 11am.

Hmmm…..somewhere in here was the Gencon Ball.  Saturday night. It was like a prom for all the people that never got invited to prom in HS.

Here are some pictures from the con.


You guys think *I* hold grudges…

Friday, September 16th, 2011 by Dawn Summers


I am a saintly doormat compared to this woman!

Mary has too much free time on her hands

Monday, August 8th, 2011 by Dawn Summers


Congratulations Binda and new Mr. Binda!!

Thursday, July 28th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

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So happy for you, Little One. You look amazing!

The New York Americans?

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

HELL YEAH! I’d be SO ALL IN with them! Even if they were a lacrosse team or played the rugby…

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If this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen…

Monday, March 28th, 2011 by Dawn Summers


…send me photos! I need cheer upping.

Update: Smokey submits this contender:


I dunno… this boy is pretty darn cute, but I still think the first boy wins this.


Sunday, February 27th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

Apparently, when I try to write posts for money I am an epic failure.

There goes yet another dream down the tube. Now, I’m too depressed to write blog, so you’re going to get this. You can all thank Alceste for his soul crushing “that was the worst thing to appear in print on any of your blogs ever” assessment. And considering that he was also the one to tell me to “enjoy your shallow grave,” that I remember the critique of my writing more tells you something.

Anyway, remember how I told you about my mother and her teleshopping problem? Well, today she came over with her friend to “bring some things.” I can’t even begin…I…just take a gander:

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New hanging silverware. Because she lost one of the forks from the last hanging silverware set she bought me. When I put all the silverware in the dishwater, she yelled at me because “no, you’re not to use those! They’re just in case.”


Are there silverware emergencies that I don’t yet know about? Are entire civilizations brought to their knees because at a crucial juncture a spoon could not readily be snatched from the silverware rack? Moving on…

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A combination mixer and blender because…um…I dunno.


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A twenty piece Wolfgang Puck stainless steel pot set which can also be used in the oven up to 450 degrees. You know, for all the cooking and baking I do.

Bringing us to:

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Matching stainless steel big forks and spoons. For stirring. And sticking in things? Or entertaining giants?

And now…here I’m a little concerned that my mother’s “Clarefield” act is a charade and she’s totally been reading my blog, we come to…

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A brand new coffee maker!

I made a cup. It was a bazillion times better than the easy bake oven coffee, but still weak. I may have to accept the reality that it may be the Folgers’ fault. But I like vanilla coffee! *dispatches waaambulance*

But we’re not done yet. For the bathroom, she replaced my Dial handwashing soap with…

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An automatic soap dispenser! So, I thought this was cool…but now I’m not so sure it’s obvious that the soap is in this thing. What do you think? Do I need to put up a sign? Not that anyone visits me here, but still. If they did, I don’t want them not washing their hands.

But I digress…let’s continue with the parade of goodness:

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Bed ruffles? 12 bed ruffles? What? I have two beds. Neither of them will EVER be ruffled.

Um and then there’s…

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An under the bed shoe organizer? Um. I got nothing. And just when I thought I’d seen it all… that there were no more questions I could possibly have…

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My mother beats me yet again.

Well played, Joyce Summers. Well played.

First, they burn our White House…

Saturday, December 18th, 2010 by Dawn Summers

And now this!

And that’s when I discovered that my good friend Pearatty, on whose couch I spent many a weekend during my awful Connecticut clerkship, whose baked goods I have consumed for almost ten years is ACTUALLY CANADIAN! Well, her mom was born in Canada, so she can be a Canadian citizen. Same with Wygant’s dad, his mom was also born in Canada. I don’t know how exactly, but Astin is to blame for this.

I called Pearatty’s sister and she drove down from Flagstaff.

“Have you heard this madness! They are trying to take our Wygant to Canadia! CANADIA! He’s going to talk funny, spell words wrong and think football has three downs!”

She had heard. We set about designing “Operation Wygant Repatriation.”

Step 1: Teach Wygant to bite mommy.

Oh yes, I slept like a baby last night too

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 by Dawn Summers

45-3! THREEEEEE!!! I said I was gonna drink a shot for every Sanchez touchdown pass. *Crickets* Who needs AA when Sanchez is your quarterback?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Meanwhile, as @whymelawd said on twitter, Tom Brady was doing it Oprah style: And you get a touchdown! And you get a touchdown! And you get a touchdown!


Welcome to Patriots nation, Wygant. And Happy Birthday, Pearatty, you’re welcome to join us!

To be the best, we’ve gotta beat…The Jets?!?!!!

Monday, December 6th, 2010 by Dawn Summers



Football was so boring this weekend. I could not have cared any less about all 14 games AND I totally forgot the Eagles played on Thursday night. Sorry waitress who asked me yesterday what the score was and I said “they don’t play till tonight.” But in my defense, who cares about the Eagles?

Tonight, is the first playoff game of the season! Well, okay, maybe last night’s Steelers game was also a playoff game. But I reiterate my defense, but this time insert “Steelers.”

The Patriots vs. The Jets! Monday night! My stomach is all a twitter! But truth be told, the Patriots are in control of their own fate now. The ball is literally in our court. Tom Brady is at the helm, Belichick in his ear on a snowy New England night in Foxboro. I could ask for more, but that’d just make me a greedy ass mofo.

I spent the weekend with the cutest baby in Christendom:

We talked about the upcoming Monday night matchup, and he assures me I have nothing to worry about. (Yes, he’s a HE, despite his mama dressing him in girl pajamas in this video. Sheesh.)

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