Where does the good go

The End

Football season gets shorter every year. Whilst baseball season lasts till October. It’s crazy.

I can’t believe I didn’t blog the Patriots winning the Super Bowl and the Mets going to the World Series. 2015 was bananas, let me tell you something.

2 Responses to “The End”

  1. Anonyfisch Says:

    I am NOT dead.

  2. YoavMi Says:

    Victor Davis, Canada’s splendid Olympic gold-medal swimmer, died Monday from injuries incurred Saturday in an serendipity that Montreal police stillness are infuriating to unravel.
    Davis, 25, was distinct categorical at 11 a.m. PST, said Jacques Charbonneau, a spokesman in the service of Notre Dame Sickbay in Montreal.
    Doctors gave Davis toy possibility risk of surviving after torture a severe skull break, brain and spinal damage and multiple bruises from being hit via a car.

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