Where does the good go

Grrr arrrgghhh

Spommers are the worst. I’m voting for the first political party to add cyberterrorism to the list of capital offenses. I swear I’ve been trying to revive my blog. But every time I try to post, wordpress is under attack. All hail and gratitude to Mary and her elves for getting me through the worst of it AND letting me know that I can ask my host people to fix things. They’ve been most helpful these past few days. Wow. This might be the least interesting thing I’ve ever written. I think I gotta post some nudes of the True Blood cast to make up for it. smiley face

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  1. Mary Says:

    Spommer? Is that some new category of cyber attacker?
    And yeah, were are the True Blood nudies? I’m waiting…

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