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Jets and their fans suck so hard

There is a video circulating of a dude in a Jets jersey punching a Patriots fan in her face. After some searching, the guy was identified and it was discovered he had served time for stabbing a teenager to death.

Anyway, they interview the guy’s mom and she says, not surprisingly, that he was a good boy who got his love of the Jets from his grandmother, who, and this was my FAVORITE part:

made him listen to a recording the Super Bowl III … the only superbowl victory for the Jets.

HAHAHA the last Jets superbowl victory was so long ago there isn’t even video of it!

(RUDE: The Daily News has edited this out of the latest online version of the story. Suspicious. Maybe the guy threatened to punch the reporter in the face.)

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  1. alceste Says:

    You see where the woman that got hit in the face and two of her friends were charged with assault yesterday? Police said the Patriots fans were the instigators.

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