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I have a phone I hate.

It’s glitchy and horrible and dumb and I hate it. However, I have a service that I like. 4G coverage, unlimited data, usually works yadayadda.

So, do I buy the phone I want for $759 and keep my service the same? (I’m pretty sure the answer to this is no.)

Do I buy the phone I want for $199 and surrender unlimited data? This feels like letting Verizon blackmail me without consequence. It offends my sense of justice.

Do I buy the phone I want for $199 and switch to ATT or Sprint, which I know has worse coverage? Probably not a big issue so long as I’m in NYC, but may come back to haunt me on my planned road trip through the south this winter.

Do I replace this stoopid hated glitchy phone I have now by using insurance and paying a $100 deductible for the same stoopid hated probably still glitchy phone because Verizon claims that the scratches on the phone have invalidated the warranty? (They made a similar claim invalidating my warranty when my Droid X got bricked by their stoopid ice cream update two years ago. I hate them SOOO much, yet I know they have the best coverage in America. ARRGGHHH.)


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  1. Dr. Chako Says:

    For me, coverage is the most important issue. Talk to people in your area and find which service offers the best coverage. The type of phone is less important – as long as you can still Twitter.

    FWIW – I just got a new phone under warranty. I had to submit a second complaint in order to do it. Something about the 2nd complaint triggered the computer at T-Mobile to give me a new phone with no hassles.


  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Hmm… yeah, maybe it’s worth it for me to fight the warranty invalidation thing. cause then i get a replacement crap phone for free…

  3. alceste Says:

    How much data do you use? And how much data would be allowed in the current plan?

    And if you’re actually worried about service in the south, at&t should be fine (bell south was one of the networks that formed the wireless predecessor to at&t ). Sprint coverage is very good in cities and decent near the highways (hopefully, the only places in the south you’d actually go, but not great if in middle of nowhere)

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    according to the guy in the store, i used 10geebees last month. but prior to that it was like 2 geebees. I blame ruzzle.

  5. Grange95 Says:

    I’m also grandfathered in for unlimited data via AT&T, but many days I am pretty sure I would give up unlimited data for actual access to a data network.

  6. Dawn Summers Says:


  7. Mary Says:

    These two sites might provide you with some coverage info:

    And as Alceste mentions, please stay out of the middle of nowhere when visiting the south.

  8. April Says:

    I too am grandathered in to ATT for unlimited data and will be until they pry unlimited data from my cold hands. That being said; as far as network coverage goes – Verizon has the best in the nation because why? They said so on a commercial? In NYC you’re fine no matter what. In other cities you may have to drop down to a 3G or something but it wasn’t that long ago that 3G was OMGAMAZING. Now we’re just spoiled.

    Get a phone you like. Get a phone you enjoy using. Unlimited data ain’t worth crap if you don’t like the phone and hate using it.

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  10. Pdov Says:

    Oooh, I have the same dilemma….I have a 3g iphone…thinking of upgrading in the future but don’t want give up unlimited data. Stooopid Verizon.

  11. alceste Says:

    Day 3 of HTC One going well, but I am not sure if you would be willing to take the hour I needed to customize it to how I wanted to use it.

  12. Dawn Summers Says:

    hahahahaaha No, no I would not.

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