Where does the good go


A few days ago, I was moping around and channel surfing. I came upon the feed from the Mets game and noticed they were playing our cross town rivals.

Aww balls.

First, the Rangers get clocked in the face by Boston, now I got four days straight of subway series NONSENSE. (In the last three years the Mets have won one out six. EVERY YEAR. There was this ONE year when it looked like we might win TWO out of six and then this shit happened: Oy.

So, not pleased was I. The game was scoreless in the sixth and I just kept watching. And then we were losing and I kicked myself for getting involved at all. Then it was tied! AND THEN WE WON! But then I was like… dang, at least when the win is in he middle, you can enjoy a couple more games — to win the first one and lose the rest, blah!

And sure enough, the next day we were losing good and properly THEEE WHOLE way. I went to bed in the eighth. But when I woke up the next morning, all the news stations were talking about the Mets sweeping the Yankees at home! I had missed the game winning bottom of the ninth heroics! I felt like those Bruins idiots who left Game 7 in the 3rd because they were down three goals.

I was jazzed! HA! Take that stoopid Yankees.

Then Game three, I hadn’t even turned the game on and the Mets were already up by a run. Then they were up by 5! I took the subway home and they were up 6! IT WAS CRAAAZZYYY.

We win three. And then I started to hope. I googled pictures of brooms. Could it really happen? Or is THIS how they crush our little hearts, we get sooooo close to a sweep and come up short.

I left work early so I could watch at home. I turn on the TV, Mets have a 2-0 lead, but stupid Dylan Gee is pitching. (I have previously explained that Gee doesn’t just have a decimal point in his ERA, he has a comma. He’s plum awful and loves pitching grand slams and back to back homers to opposing teams.)

“Oh no. Not Gee,” I sigh. Thirty seconds later, Cano smacks a homerun and cuts the lead in half.


Oh vell.

But nothing else bad happens! I was actually bummed when they took Gee out in the eighth and not for the usual reasons that I’m bummed when they finally take Gee out! Mets still winning! The Mets extend the lead and we come to the bottom of the ninth. Here we go.

This is it, I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers… 2 outs “…and the Yankees are down to their last strike….”




*does the wop*

And so, in honor of my underdogs in orange and blue:

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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