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I quit hockey

Last summer they traded away half the team to Columbus, this summer they fire the coach, so dunzo. It’s totally racist anyway. ooh, maybe I’ll come back if they hire a black coach. Heck, maybe I will become a fan of whatever NHL team has a black coach. Not really.

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  1. alceste Says:

    so how are you still a Mets fan when you can’t stay a fan of a team that actually makes the playoffs?

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Mmmiunno. And the Mets personnel changes every few weeks, too. I guess since, I can match the names and faces of more Columbis Blue Jackets, it’s harder to do the rangers thing. And now I won’t even know the coach AND he might be a French speaker?!? I MEAN HONESTLY!!! FFRENCHH!!

  3. alceste Says:

    this is all part of your plan to become a Brooklyn Islanders fan in 2014.

  4. Astin Says:

    You don’t quit hockey.

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    LOL. You are probably most likely not wrong… ha! Now, am I getting the Samsung 4 or not???

  6. alceste Says:

    The GS4? How long have you had current phone? I’m looking at it and the HTC One (I can upgrade next week after 3 yrs with EVO).

  7. dawn Says:

    Yeah, the GS4. I’ve had the stoopid Droid Charge since October or November 2011. I think I can upgrade for free in November, but I seriously, can’t take the Charge anymore. I have to take the battery out to reboot it at least twice a day (ALREADY and it’s not even NINE AM) BLAH!

  8. alceste Says:

    If you can’t do a free upgrade now, I’d suggest the GS3 (which Steph really likes). The GS4 is expensive if not part of an upgrade.

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