Where does the good go


GAME 7???? AWAY?? And the Rangers have NEVER won in that situation? Oh. Well, that’s not so stressful at all. GG Washington.

2 Responses to “Playoff hockey is THEEEEEEE WWOOORRRSSSSTTTT”

  1. alceste Says:

    After all the gaps between games, seems a little odd to have Leafs-Bruins and Rangers-Caps play on consecutive days and to have both games start at the same time.

    Also odd, I found myself strangely wanting the Red Wings to win against the Ducks last night. Hopefully, this just reflects a case of rooting for the underdog.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    I think it’s crazy that you just called the Red Wings underdogs. And I think the scheduling is just a matter of hurrying the next round along before the Senators turn to stone.

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