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Does anyone else find the judge’s language in this opinion…problematic?

Like, I know he is the actual judge in the case, but this still comes off as judgy.

In ordering the maximum sentence on the child abuse charges, Gay said he found Lowe to be untruthful and selfish and called it a tragedy that so many people believe her version of events.

Gay said Lowe’s statement in a letter to the judge claiming she did not know she was pregnant was “not credible,” and he chided her for writing that the babies’ father had date-raped her.

“Just how in the world is that relevant?” he asked. “And is it supposed to devalue the lives of these children?…There are real serious problems in you taking responsibility for what you did.”

Gay quoted Focus on the Family founder James Dobson saying, “Our children are the true wealth of any nation” and added that we cannot become “a child-killing society that views children as burdens rather than blessings.”

3 Responses to “Um…”

  1. Consi Says:

    I would have chosen different language. Note that the judge, despite his belief that she made multiple misrepresentations, ran the murder convictions and the child abuse convictions concurrently, rather than consecutively. I believe that her failure to own her actions looked pretty crappy to the judge. Her attorney failed her by letting her submit the letter.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Meh, his remarks didn’t need to downplay the ramifications or damage of rape. If those children were conceived in rape it would be relevant to her sentencing, in my opinion. Also, the whole “child killing society” thing… shrugs. She’s convicted of two counts of infanticide, throw as many books at her as you want — for THOSE crimes. What’s her porn watching or cheating on her fiancee got to do with anything?

  3. Consi Says:

    Would agree that watching porn has nothing to do with anything. It is meaningless surplusage. Am not clear on the point about the date rape. My impression was that the cheating incident was the alleged date rape which was in part why I thought the judge found she lacked credibility. I don’t know that to be the case.

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