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Tweeting while racist

The son of the Fire Commissioner resigned today.

Why? Well, apparently he: likes “jews about as much as hitler #toofar? NOPE.” On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, he posted, “MLK could go kick rocks for all I care, but thanks for the time and a half today.”

Now, he could have meant he likes Jews as much as he likes Hitler and because he seems to be a raving anti-Semite, he likes Hitler a whole lot, so he likes Jews a whole lot! And hey, maybe MLK *could* kick rocks! You don’t know. Just because history didn’t keep a record of MLK’s rock kicking prowess doesn’t mean that this young MLK enthusiast didn’t find some material documenting MLK’s rock kicking abilities!


Okay, so he’s a racisty racist. And not just a racisty racist, he’s like “I’m racist and proud whatchoo gonna do about it, Obama lovers”?

I mean, jaysus. I don’t even know how he wasn’t busted sooner… did he have ANY followers?

But should being an out and about racist be grounds for losing one’s job? I’ve (sadly) been thinking about this question for a while. During black history month, I saw some FOUL ass twitter posts — one white blond, blue eyed chick put up a picture of herself in black face saying “happy black history month.” A few posts below that she had also posted her acceptance letter for her new job. Well, some twitter users saw fit to collect the contact info from the letter and forward her “happy black history month” post to her new employer. Yikes.

There was also a twitter group, started after the President won reelection, that did searches for the word “nigg*r president” and matched them with edu servers, reporting the offensive tweeters to their school administrators. Some were also reported to the secret service if their posts about the Nigg*r in Chief also contained any threats.

Many teenagers lost athletic scholarships or were expelled — who knows what the secret service did with those extra special ones. I haven’t fully read Eric Holder’s memos on drone usage.

Do these racists deserve these fates? Should what you tweet result in life ruining consequences? Would we prefer this fire commissioner’s son, who also seemed to be an EMT, keep his racist views quiet next time? Maybe he was just joking?

Theoretically, I suppose I struggle with the question, but in reality, as I scoured some of the tweets collected, I pretty much hope these racists end up homeless on the streets as they go blind from syphilis. (Do people still go blind from syphilis?) In the abstract, a 19-year-old who loses access to a desperately needed college education, because he is a racist asshole, tugs at my heart strings. Reading the actual feed of @killalljigaboos1987, boils my blood and makes me stabby.

I don’t know.

Maybe, I need to see people fired and hurt for unpopular ideas that I agree with, before I can wholeheartedly argue that such consequences might be too severe. I don’t defend racist assholes. I only cape for the best bitches.

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  1. Consi Says:

    I believe that a private employer should be able to fire any employee for any reason. So if an employer doesn’t like employees with racist views then it should be free to fire the racist. To hinder that ability impairs the company’s right to present the company’s image and message as the company sees fit. It is a First Amendment issue. :) By the same token, I think companies may fire smokers (I smoke), ugly people, and anybody that it just doesn’t like. Under this standard both Chick-fil-A and Bravo get to send the message they want and the public supports whichever, or in this case both.

    I do distinguish between private and public. As ignorant as the public official may be, I don’t see the value to be gained from making an ignorant belief reason for discharge. Conduct is one thing, beliefs are another. It starts to
    get really scary, really quickly when it comes time to determine who makes the decision about what is ignorant.

    I am not sure you make such a distinction. You seem to start with how reprehensible is the belief to you and then whether your heart will hurt if the person experiences negative consequences.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Dawn. I know I’m playing with fire here, but I have a sincere question about racism, and since we are on the subject…

    Are you offended by black face?


    Why is black face considered racist?

    I understand the historical context, since black face was used in Vaudeville and early Hollywood to mock black people and culture. In that context, it is surely racist. But most people nowadays don’t remember those old references. I guess it is inherently racist because you are doing something that references race, but is it actually offensive? If one were to wear blackface and do something insulting to black people, then the person would surely be doing something racist or offensive. But why is there a general ban on wearing dark face paint, like in the context of a costume for Halloween, or at the roast of my girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg. I don’t know the details of the blackface tweet you mentioned, but why is if all she did was paint her face and smile, what’s the big deal? Please let me know before Halloween. Otherwise, things might get awkward.

    Of course, I am white, so excuse my ignorance.

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    I am offended by general random acts of blackface. I will merely raise an eyebrow at specified “costumes” i.e. a white couple going as Kanye and Kim or something where it’s specific.

    here’s text from a post i found that might be helpful, ted:

    Started at a time when Black people were considered “Less than human”
    Shows Black people have no and deserve no dignity
    Used as a “Set up” to the joke (I’s gon sing you’s perty white folks a song tu-day)
    Used to de-humanize, belittle and make fun of those that are “Less than”
    Originally done by white people for white people
    Originally done by white people in white only establishments
    Originally a degrading visual joke (Ha! Ha! Look at me, I’m one of THEM! Yuck!)
    By design, was to not only laugh at but show what niggers were REALLY like
    ‘Caused (and continues to cause) pain to Black people
    Made black people into caricatures (not human, a symbol to belittle)
    Unable to count how many times done. Not just a joke, or party trick. Actually part of history.
    A sign of racism

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