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I love the Onion

Also, this is my stance. LOL.

“I wouldn’t mind if federal officials blew up other citizens and claimed it was in the name of my safety. But it’s just that when it comes to me, I guess I’d rather not be slaughtered by my own elected officials on charges that never have to be validated by any accountable authority. This is tough.” While most Americans expressed conflicted feelings regarding the memo, the poll also found that 28 percent of citizens were unequivocally in favor of being obliterated at any point, for any reason, in a massive airstrike.

2 Responses to “I love the Onion”

  1. Kentucky Packrat Says:

    The US military, under “lawful” orders, have killed more innocent children per year than all other US citizens have, whether in the commission of (other) crimes or not. Mr. Obama has directly ordered the killing of more children via “collateral damage” in drone attacks than were perpetrated at Newtown.

    Under the “if it will only save one child” logic, we should pull our entire military back to the US and lock the M4s, etc. in the armories until the next invasion comes.

    Since very few people on the Internet recognize sarcasm, I am being sarcastic. Somewhat. OK, not really. The more kids the US kills, the more isolationist I become.

    Our pursuit of terrorists has been murderous, IMHO. None of our drone strikes in Pakistan work under Just Law theory, because we haven’t declared war on Pakistan, and we make little effort to keep from killing innocents collaterally. And now, the administration claims the right to unilaterally kill any person, citizen or no, who it thinks might be a threat. Again, entirely murderous.

    I am heavily disappointed in the Democrats who were anti-war under Bush only to be rah-rah under Obama. I had held out great hopes that Mr. Obama might end this, but instead he has tripled down.

  2. dawn j summers Says:

    Preaching to the choir, bro, preaching to the choir. Except it’s President Obama.

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