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Doing the virtual running man

I won my second fantasy football championship of the season! The second win was very exciting because it was a winner take all pool — even though I tried to get that payout structure changed before the playoffs started, but now I’m glad I was ignored.

The first win was very exciting because mid way through the season, when I was like in sixth place, I totally pointed at the top and said “I will win this whole thing.” And everyone laughed at me. Ha! I showed them! I showed them all.

I should give lectures on how to win.

Step one: Don’t get the first pick, amirite @Vinnay? First pick is death.

Ah, good times. Good times.

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  1. alceste Says:

    This post appears to have changed between the time I read on my RSS feed and came here to comment. Wasn’t there something about Jordy Nelson? (Or how I learned my lesson and held firm in the Anquan Boldin v. Brandon Stokley debate.)

  2. dawn j summers Says:

    nelson comment was a tweet.

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