Where does the good go

Today is a good day

I feel like how I imagine junkies feel. Hmm… okay, junkies may be the wrong word because that invokes images of vagrancy and drooling heads bobbing up and down on a barely conscious body. How about… a recreational cocaine user? Those are the laughing, talking a mile a minute drug users, yes? Okay, then I feel like how I imagine they feel!

My concentration is crap though! I can’t even get through my TV shows! I just want to listen to sports radio and rewatch clips of Brady lobbing a touchdown pass to Shane Vareen (DUDE!! COUSIN OF TAP DANCER BEN VAREEN!!!) all damn day long. Tee hee. I thought trying to write something would help me focus, but nope. I’m boring myself. Okay, back to WFAN Denver for me. I don’t know how many neck surgeries it’s going to take to repair Payton Manning after all the busses that he has been thrown under today!

Tee Hee

Viva Tommy Touchdown! Let’s GO Patriots win this for Gronkowski’s forearm!

6 Responses to “Today is a good day”

  1. Pdov Says:

    While I share your joy, just remember as with every junkie there is a crash. Have a plan if you get tapped out. #eyeoresuggestions

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    what does tapping out mean?

  3. Pdov Says:

    I thought it meant no more drugs.

  4. Pdov Says:


  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    oh…no that makes sense, i thought it was a drug term. #teetotalercard

  6. Brandie Says:

    Gee wiellkirs, that’s such a great post!

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