Where does the good go

Have a good weekend

I walk along the city streets

So dark with rage and fear

And I

I wish that I could be that bird

And fly away from here

I wish I had the wings to fly away from here, yeah

But Mamma I feel so low

Mamma where do I go?

Mamma what do I know?

Mamma we reap what we sow

They always said that you knew best

But this little bird’s fallen out of that nest now

I’ve got a feeling that it might have been blessed

So I’ve just got to put these wings to test

For I am just a troubled soul

Who’s weighted, weighted to the ground

Give me the strength to carry on

Till I can lay my burden down

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  1. Angela Says:

    I love Annie!

    p.s. I finally put your blog and pdov’s too in my google reader, like two years overdue.

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