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January movie reviews

So, another month of these, eh? Don’t blame me, it’s not Mayan fault. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’ve been working on that forever, practically since LAST YEAR! HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHHAHHHAHAHAAHAH


I am SO funny.

Anyhoo… *whistles* LET’S BEGIN!

Rock of Ages
This movie was AWESOME! At Astin Toe said he didn’t like, At Astin Toe clearly does not like good things. It’s got rock music and pop music and there’s big star names and dancing and magical negroes who save blond girls from the street and gets them on the pole….MA-GIK!

Magic Mike
But NOT as MA-GIK as Magic Mike, because… DUH, Magic Mike’s got MA-GIK RIGHT THERE IN THE TITLE!! DUUUUUDDDEEEEE. This movie is a glorious triumph of ab muscles and hip shaking and booty poppin! Bravo, Tatum guy, BRAVO! This movie is near perfection, it could stand for a bit of editing — there was way too much blah blah blahing with shirts and pants and the “love story” with the girl should be axed. This is about the love of a man for his body oils. And dancing. DANCING. It’s about the ART, man! THE ART!

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    Re: Magic Mike review: #Perv.

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