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Charitable works and such!

Monday, November 5th, 2012 by Dawn Summers

OrangeYouGlad (the company co-founded by our very own Mary!) is having an event to benefit the NYC Food Bank.

It’s a draw-a-thon where folks can donate $20 or more and talented illustrators will draw the donor’s favorite food. (I’m guessing Mary’s favorite food might be… bacon? (HAHAHAHAHA – Ed.) )

OH MY GOSH! YOU GUYS!!! Alceste and Dawn 2 stayed with me this weekend because they had no power in their apartment due to Superstorm Sandy. Anyway, they left some turkey bacon behind in my fridge. So, I’m kinda hungry on Sunday night… watching my stoopid Giants pick (and my lock on first place in the pick em pool) go down in flames, when I decide to fry some up.


Turkey bacon is the worst food on the face of the planet. We should be dropping crates filled with turkey bacon on our enemies to show them we mean BUSINESS! It almost killed me.

Oh… but I digress… so GO bid on drawings (not drawings of turkey bacon, that would be DISGUSTING) The money goes directly to the NYC Food Bank and OrangeYouGlad is absorbing the cost for sending the illustrations out to the donors.

November movie reviews

Monday, November 5th, 2012 by Dawn Summers


It’s been DAYS since November started!


I know, I know, my poor long suffering adoring audience, I have not forgotten you! So here, without further ado (or to-do, but definitely not “adieu” as Ms. Cattell-Gordon explained to me in the eighth grade) are your November movie reviews! *inserts applause*

The Sitter

This stars that used to be fat comedian kid who was in Moneyball. I actually liked this movie. It’s short, the kids are cute, aside from some poopy fart jokes, the humor isn’t too crude. It’s about a layabout who gets roped into babysitting so his poor middle-aged mother can finally go on a date. The children are monsters – OR are they just misunderstood. Eh… eh… ARE THEY? Yeah…so…moving on.

People Like Us

This movie is TERRIIBLE. Alceste was all “no thank you,” when I offered to let him watch it with me. It’s about some adrift scam artist dude whose music producer dad dies and leaves him a bag of money and a note telling him to give all the money to the dead dad’s bastard daughter and her bastard son. Oh, whoops…people don’t use the word bastard anymore… illegitimate… why does that sound WORSE? Non child of marriage? WHATEVS. But he’s an adrift scam artist and he’s all – this bag of money could help ME! But then he stalks his half sister and sees that her life is a wreck, so he gives her the money, but she IS a wreck so she falls in love with him and then he’s all “I’m your brother.” Okay, I am making this movie sound good. It’s not. I swear it’s not. Don’t do it.

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