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Re-election is the best revenge!

O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!

Even as the networks declared Mr. Obama the winner, Mr. Romney, who had earlier told reporters he had written only a victory speech, paused before the walk downstairs from his hotel room in Boston. It was 11:30 p.m., and Romney field teams in Ohio, Virginia and Florida called in, saying the race was too close for the candidate to give up. At least four planes were ready to go, and aides had bags packed for recount battles in narrowly divided states. Bob White, a close Romney friend and adviser, was prepared to tell the waiting crowd that Mr. Romney would not yet concede.

But then, Mr. Romney quietly decided it was over. “It’s not going to happen,” he said.

As Ann Romney cried softly, he headed down to deliver his speech, ending his second, and presumably last, bid for the White House. Four decades earlier, his father and inspiration, George Romney, a former Michigan governor failed in his own such quest.


Not much to say, I am pleased as punch about the result — it’ll be nice if the President keeps Florida, but whatevs. I developed such a dislike of the Romneys in the last 45 days of the campaign that I was sweating out this race in a very personal way — probably not since Clinton’s first race.

Hopefully, now that the race is over, we will never again hear from the “I want to punch the President in the face” Romney Jr and “Stop being so mean to my husband” Romney Mrs. or the “you freeloaders who want free stuff, get off my yacht” man himself. Shudder.

I’m also glad that the coo-coo for rape n stuffs candidates lost their Senate bids — unbelievable to me that Akin is on a congressional science committee but doesn’t seem to grasp simple facts of human biology. Sigh.

Also, um, can we go back to ignoring Bill Clinton please? It had been SUCH a quiet three and a half years.


And now Sprockets… we dance…

12 Responses to “Re-election is the best revenge!”

  1. Grange95 Says:

    There’s a saying in sports: “Act like you’ve been there.”

    Also, give Bill Clinton his due. The man is a political genius. He gave Obama a huge bump in the Democratic National Convention which helped Obama weather the Great Debate Fiasco. He stumped for Obama non-stop the past 6-8 weeks, reaching out to the kinds of voters (blue collar white folks) whose votes were critical in all the Rust Belt and Midwestern states. Bill (and Hilary) were key in healing the potential party rift in 2008 as well, shoring up the base for Obama’s first run. Yes, Bill can be a bit of an arrogant blowhard, but name me a successful politician who isn’t.

  2. dawn j summers Says:

    Jimmy Carter. Marty Markowitz. Corey Booker. And I’m glad Clinton helped Obama win, now, I want him to go away again.

  3. dawn j summers Says:

    Also, you probably shouldn’t put the name “Clinton” that close to “blow” or “hard.” Jus’ sayin’ *whistles*

  4. Grange95 Says:

    Loser. Who? Doubt it.

    Oh, and RACES!

  5. Grange95 Says:

    A Clinton sex joke? Bet you still watch Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Northern Exposure box set marathons on weekends.

  6. RedxBranch Says:

    What could possibly be wrong about watching old episodes of Northern Exposure?

    Clinton saved our collective bacon.

    Despite my personal efforts Oklahoma went entirely Republican…..again.

    JC wasn’t a loser, he was just to damned nice…and you know where nice guys finish.

  7. dawn j summers Says:

    Jimmy Carter was tarnished and sacrificed by Ronald Reagan. He’s a great man and was a good president. he made impossible choices in a tough time. I shan’t hear another word agin ‘im!

    Again, I am not complaining about Clinton’s work in the last 50 days. *applause track* I just need him to exeunt stage left, as the bard would say.

  8. Yaron Says:

    I can’t wait to see the look on Mitt and Ann’s faces when Obama jacks up the national debt to $25 trillion! Priceless. #winning

  9. kaz Says:

    remember when we went to Arizona?

  10. dawn j summers Says:

    KAZ! And, of course!

  11. hellresidentNY Says:

    You haven’t lived until you’ve seen your 80-year-old Jamaican grandmother get up from her chair and clap her hands while loudly cheering, “Obama win! Obama win! God, Him no like ugly! Obama win!”And also going into my mother’s room and waking her up while doing this to let her know what is happening. So…yeah. That was something.

  12. dawn summers Says:


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