Where does the good go

Notable Quotables

Two bad books in a row… I fear this may be the consequence of overdoing any thing. Anyway, this book is a chronicle of say… the 50 Shades of Grey author in Elizabeth Taylor’s day… a successful, but terrible author. But in apeing bad writing, the author kind of ends up with bad writing. Shrugs.

Excerpts from Angel by Elizabeth Taylor:

“She was bound to fall in love some time or other, he thought. But I hope no harm comes of it. He could not imagine any brightness or ease ahead of her. Her sternness, the rigorousness of her working days, her pursuit of fame, had made her inflexible: she was eccentric, implacable, self-absorbed. Love, which calls for compliance, resilience, lavishness, would be a shock to her spirit, an upset to the rhythm of her days. She would never achieve it, he was sure.”

“A holiday wouldn’t do any good, or make any difference. I should have to take myself with me.”

“I really haven’t a friend, I suppose, he thought, going through one name after another in his mind; but he meant, I haven’t anyone left to borrow from.”

“As we grow older, we are already dying; our hold on life lessens; there are fewer to mourn us or keep us in mind.”

“She was not so much living in the past as investing the present with what the past had had.”

“She has aped our ways very well indeed; but this will always happen with people who are pretending to be what they are not – the performance is suddenly shown to be what it is, they make an unexpected mistake and their true vulgarity comes into sight. As now… ‘Nouveau riche,’ is the word for her,” Angel said smartly. Two words, Nora thought, dazed.”

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