Where does the good go


So, I’m not big on blogging about politics, because well, you and I both know who I’m voting for and I don’t realistically believe that there can be any reasoning, about politics, with those who are not voting for the same person — however, did Mitt Romney really champion China as a peace loving, free market nation? Cause…er…um… someone let Taiwan know. Also, the one billion communists who live there.


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  1. Consi Says:

    I wish you were wrong about our inability, not only you and I but the country as a whole, to discuss politics. It seems that we are unable to recognize that it is possible for folks to reach different conclusions. Instead, the reason for the difference is attributed to less than honorable motives or stupidity or some othr reason that villifies those with a different take.

    In sum, if only you were as smart and spiritually pure as me, maybe we could talk politics.

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