Where does the good go

Quotable Notables

Some excerpts from Alix Ohlin’s “Inside”

She had never been one for good deeds. She wasn’t selfish- just self-contained. She liked to stay within her own borders.

If she were a movie character, this would eventually burst loose in a flood of bad behavior. But life was longer than movies and a person never knew when the flood would finally come, or sometimes even how to recognize it when it did.

Mitch washed the dishes and prepared to leave, the sorrow of endings pressing down on his heart.

She thought she would dream about him; but if she did, it was lost in the inky darkness of her sleep, and gone by morning.

There is a difference between the facts of a person and the truth of him, and Tug knew it.

“You don’t have to apologize.”/ “Right. Therapy means never having to say you’re sorry.”/ “You might have to, actually, maybe even a lot. But mostly you have to figure out why you did whatever you’re sorry about.”

Sometimes he hated himself simply because he was alive when others were not, and he wanted to wipe out the memories of every patient he’d had, every problem he’d caused or heard about or failed to alleviate. Other times he thought he would never forget any of these things and that it was important not to, perhaps the most important task of his life. Witnessing the pain of others is the very least you can do in this world.

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