Where does the good go

Funny obits are all the rage this summer

This one made Snaps think of me.

According to her death notice published in the Daily Courier-Observer, Friday the 13th was a “perfect day” for Marylou Cunningham Belles to die “for the Stephen King fan she was.”
Belles, a cat lover, was also “a lifelong New York Mets fan though, surprisingly, that wasn’t what killed her,” her obituary reads.

I have to say, it was weird going there for a while. The Mets had all these fans on twitter and a bunch of our players are on twitter too, so it was all “yay, Mets!” And then we had Dickey AND Wright represent us in the All-Star game… even one of the Mets’ greatest critics started to say we had a real shot and stuff. But, I knew better. If I were a smoker, that would have been the point where I exhaled a long steady stream of billowy truth, coughed and snuffed the cigarette butt out with my shoe before walking away.

These people were nuts.

The funny thing is, the Mets weren’t even in first place at the time! We were in second by four games and a game and a half out of wildcard contention. I waited. And the Mets predictably went into their post all star game death spiral, all those optimistic fans vanished from my twitterfeed and life, well life returned to normal.


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