Where does the good go

Balloons in the cemetary

“Well, Pearatty also forgot my New York birthday, but she made it with half an hour left in my Arizona birthday, so I’m not sure how to score that.” (I’m kidding, of course, I totally know how to score that.)


“YES! You remember, Pi, forgot too!”

“Oh, I thought she was just messing with you?”


“Well, that’s what happens when you don’t have a tournament and barbecues.”

Alceste was right, of course, this was the first birthday season in a long time when I didn’t inject my birthday into anyone else’s space. Obviously, my blog, facebook and twitterfeeds were littered with birthdaystravanzaness, but for the most part, I sent no reminder emails, texts or calls -well, there was one call, I’ll get to that later.

“I know. But my friend said he was coming down for a Yankees game the weekend after my birthday, so I was gonna do it then, but that didn’t happen.”

In recent years, I have near driven myself mad with the overscheduling of July. And last year, as I sat alone at a Cyclones game because my friend who was supposed to come down bailed, I decided to do things differently. (Same friend who bailed this year, now that I think about it.)

No more billion plans. One party, no muss, no fuss. I’m getting too old for the craziness. So that was the plan. No plan!

As it got closer to my birthday, I started to panic. I’m going to be sooo sad on Sunday! But then Pdov took me to the movies, I got to hang out.with my gaming partner AND Alceste totally planned my birthday brunch/movie day. I really did enjoy the non stressing of it all. It beat the shit out of lugging a 60 lb cake through Tribeca in the pouring rain for my birthday poker tournament last year. Oy.

After the movie, I figured I’d go teach my Chinese nephew to say my name, so I called Pi.

“What’s up?” I waited.

“Nothing, we’re going to Flushing to see Peih’s parents.”


I’m still waiting.

“DUUUUDDEEE! What’s today?”

“I don’t know? What’s today?”


I gave the phone to Alceste.while I hyperventilated. He laughed and refused to take it.


In the end, I ended up watching the Mets get a jump start on their post all star break sucking. And then went to visit my cemetary friends.  There was a gravesite covered in mylar birthday balloons, that made me sad, but I brought cupcakes and wine and that cheered me up again. Shut it, I can quit whenever I want!

Sadly, or not so sadly, I had work in the morning, so I turned in early. I crawled into bed with the rest of my wine and watched Life of Brian till I fell asleep.
I had a craaaazzzzyyyy dream that I had an autographed Tom Brady helmet on my bar.

Yeah, that’s never gonna get old.

The next day the Jakes sent me a happy birthday text from Mitt Romney! (I think he’s running for Governor of Washington D.C. or something,  I haven’t really been paying attention.)

I don’t know what else is in store for the next month of my birthday season, but so far it’s been mostly nothing but awesomeness. Mostly.

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  1. hellresidentNY Says:

    I was away from my laptop and not in the most conversational mood for reasons too infuriating to share, so I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to wish you a very happy birthday i a timely manner. Judging from your pics and blog posts, your birthday this year treated you extraordinarily well and I’m happy that it did. If I could, I’d raise a glass of TruBlood (or your preferred liquor of choice, whichever you choose) and offer you some delicious Patriot-themed cupcakes but for now, I’ll have to offer them to you telepathically. Happy belated birthday, Miss Summers, and I hope that next year’s celebration is even more kick-ass than it was this year.

    Should I ever have the pleasure of meeting you in person, I promise that I won’t give in to my trouble-making urges and give you as b-day gifts Blu-Rays of THE TERMINATOR and ROBOCOP or offer you a Yankees-themed birthday cake. I admit such acts would make me giggle uncontrollably like the hound from DUCK HUNT that we could never actually shoot, no matter how many times we fired at the screen, but your birthday is about your joy and not mine.

    P.S. Every time you use your #Ruuudddeee hashtag, I immediately start hearing Dr. Huxtable lecturing Rudy and making fun of her name. “You’re being so rude, it’s even in your name, Rude-E. Rude-E.”

  2. dawn summers Says:

    hahahahaha THANKS!

  3. Anwyn Says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaapppyyyyy birthday [season]!!!! :)

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    awww shucks, thanks!

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