Where does the good go


Two days to go until my birthday!

Every year I think, okay, this is going to be the year where I chill out and don’t act like a crazy person as soon as the days get longer and warmer. This’ll be the year when I’m brushing my teeth in the bathroom and it’ll just hit me: gosh, is today my birthday? And I’ll finish getting ready for the day, find a calendar and be all “why golly! Tis!” (In my head, I ALWAYS have a British accent.)

I’m supposed to have more important things to think about than a summer long countdown to August 12th. Hush.  It’s my bbbbiiiirrrrttthhhhhdddddaaayyyy season, you’re not the boss of me.

But, nope, not this year… and I’m cool with that.

Tick tick tick…

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