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Baby Xander and the Big City

I finally met the not-at-all-baby-Xander!


Sadly, I was not able to covert him to the ways of Patriots Nation or the congregation of Tom Brady’s hair. We had taken the shuttle to the Eastside from Times Square. New York has painted a bunch of the shuttle cars in Rangers color and pictures, so I was teaching toddler Xander to say “Go Rangers,” and love New York hockey.


Gib was all “I guess there is no reason for him to inherit his parents’ allegiance to the St. Louis Blues…but if you start talking football, the Patriots can be no higher than tenth!” Then he gave me the Robert DiNero “I’m watching you” eye scissors.

Xander is a super expressive adorable little kid. We had met for dinner the night before at Artichoke pizza and he, in no uncertain terms, did not like Artichoke’s burned double baked crusts. He took a bite, chewed for a second and then spit it the hell out! I laughed. His dad went across the street to buy him cheeze its for dinner. #NewYorkPizzaFail

I gave him a mini subway car that I bought at Carrie’s Brooklyn children’s store, Monk’s Trunk.
“What do you say?” his mom asked.
“Thank you, Miss Dawn.”

The next day, Petitedov, Xander, Gib and I set off to walk across the Brooklyn bridge. I was running late and I guess they had been waiting in the lobby for a while, because as soon as he saw me, Xander was all “OK! Now, LET’S GO!”

We walked through Times Square where we encountered Buzz Lightyear, Elmo and Mickey Mouse. Xander? Not impressed.

I think he did like the Rangers train, though.

As we walked across the bridge, Petitedov and I made the mistake of showing him there were cars driving below our feet. He got scared that the cars were going to hit him and then decided the best course was to just not walk anymore.


Poor Gib had to carry him the whole way, so we decided to only go halfway. Since we were already downtown, I figured we should go see the Statue of Liberty. Gib tried to get Xander to walk through City Hall park, but he refused. And then threw himself on the ground and his big blue eyes filled with water and perfect drops of tears poured down his itty bitty face.

Gib was all trying to be stern “you will not be rewarded for this behavior” parent. But all the women in the park watching, Pdov and I included, were like “he’s sooooo cuutteee! His eyelashes are so pretty with the teardrops on them!”

Girls are the worst.

Xander decided to just suck it up and finish walking the ten feet through the park and at the end, Gib said “ok, now I’ll carry you, if you ask nicely.”
“Daddy, can I please pick you up?”
“Yeah, he hasn’t mastered pronouns yet” Gib said, picking the boy up.
We went down to lower Manhattan to see the sights and then took a bus back uptown to ride the Central Park carousel.


I think Xander was a little scared of the horses, but he was braver than Petitedov, who refused to ride it all. Chicken.
Xander, all rested from his bus nap, decided to lead us through the park.
We ended the trip in an Eloise approved fashion, with a stop at the Plaza!

Petitedov says I look like a celebrity:


All in all, it was a nice visit and Xander restored my “I’m still cool to toddlers” ego after Fisch’s almost two-year-old, totally crushed it by refusing to acknowledge my existence with so much as eye contact. #Cry

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  1. Anwyn Says:

    I shall die of the cute.

  2. Gib Says:

    Thanks again for showing New York to Xander and I. Other than the subpar pizza, he really liked NYC. :-)

  3. Pdov Says:

    Where is my link!? Girls are totally the worst! And Xander is the cutest.

  4. ugarles Says:

    Whoops. Forgot to comment on this. Mea culpa.

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