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Not so random question

Why am I looking up bread making machines on Amazon? *Headdesk*

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  1. April Says:

    You do NOT need a machine to make bread.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    As in? *I* do not need a machine to make bread? Orrr, one can make bread without a machine? Cause all the recipes indicate some kind of machine led paddling.

  3. Tae Says:

    She’s right. You don’t. But seriously who wants to do all that crap by hand.

    I have an older model of this machine and I really like it

  4. Tae Says:

    Also, great book:

  5. April Says:

    Start with this:

    Then this: and if you get super crazy, buy the book:

    Trust me, I hate working with dough more than anyone; but good bread can be made without a bread maker. I promise.

  6. Astin Says:

    *YOU* don’t need a bread maker. Unless you’re using it as means to avoid part of your counter from getting dusty.

    M had one, then I had it, now someone found a great buy at the Salvation army. Fun at first, but eventually just gathers dust.

    No-knead bread:


    and the links April put up for even less work.

  7. dawn summers Says:

    So, if I’m understanding you guys correctly… I shouldn’t be looking for bread makers on amazon, I should be looking for bread makers on ebay!

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