Where does the good go


It’s been about a week or so since VinNay made me sign up for Draw Something because AND I QUOTE “It’s the new hotness!”

Let me ASSURE YOU, friends, it is NOT HOT. Hot MESS maybe!

(It’s basically electronic pictionary. You get three word choices: a 1 coin “easy”, 2 coin “moderate” or 3 coin “hard” option. You draw, your opponent is given ten letters, plus your picture clue and has to type in the word for your drawing. There is no winner. (So, right away, you know Dawn Summers hates this game. Also, did I ever tell you that my straight A average in freshman year of high school was RUINED by a C+ in art, which, after I screamed and threatened family pets, he upped to a B provided I agreed to wash the brushes and put back the canvases in the art room for a week. *GLARE*)

Anywho, so I’ve been playing Draw Something with Vin and Fisch. While I do NOT recommend playing this game AT ALL. If you’re going to play, play with Fisch.

His drawings ARE HILARIOUS.

I tried to screen capture some of these pictures… oh man.

The first one he drew was like a pink polka dot dinosaur with a little hat. I am trying all combinations of cartoon dinosaurs, but then he erases it and does a dinosaur behind bars instead! (In the game, you can see your opponent drawing the clue as if you were playing live pictionary.) So now I’m so confused, but laughing really hard. Mary is all “what’re you doing?” And I’m all “I HAVE NO CLUE! Look at this!”

And I’m still laughing as I show her the picture and she immediately says “It’s a zebra.”


Since then, I’ve learned Fischel doesn’t so much adhere to the reality of the shapes of things. For instance, on the word “Afro.” He drew a Kid N Play high top fade. I was so stumped I just started playing around with the letters to see what could fit and I finally came up with afro. So I write him (in the program, I now choose to leave notes for my opponents criticising their terrible terrible clues.) “DUDE! A *SQUARE* AFRO?? THE HELL???”

And he writes back, also using the program, so it took like three sheets, “Afros AREN’T SQUARE??? Well, I colored in the face, so you could tell it was a black guy!”


Then I had the clue “Orlando.” It was a three coin one, but I picked it because I figured, I’d just draw Florida and Mickey Mouse: BOOM! Yah. Let me tell you, forty minutes, 120 erasures later and a terrible rendition of Dwight Howard in a superman cape and Florida later, I learned “FUCK DRAWING MICKEY MOUSE.”

Fisch laughed at me, but just now I watched him take 20 minutes to just draw “mouse”!

However, all that is still WAAAAAAAAAAYYYY better than playing with Draw Something NAZI Vin “MAKE IT HARDER” Nay (That’s what she said.)


And I’m all “huh? what? It’s a GAME! You don’t even win or lose, it’s just for FUN!”

And he’s all slapping me in the face, grabbing my collar and yelling “IT’S NOT FOR FUN! DRAW SOMETHING IS LIFE! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, SUMMERS! STOP FUCKING UP! Bitch, give me my money!”

Then, he wipes the blood off his knuckles on my perfectly matched green sneakers, fixes his shirt and walks away, while I, shaking and bleeding from the head, figure out how to draw dandruff without getting yelled at again.

So…umm… who wants to play Words with Friends!

12 Responses to “DRAWSOME! NOOOTTT!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You could, of course, make it more interesting, as Scott and I do. Before sending each other the clue, we re-invent a classic piece of art incorporating a penis somewhere into it. Thus, the Mona Lisa becomes Moaning Lisa…

  2. fisch Says:


    After I drew my first zebra, Rachel informed me that cows have spots and zebras have stripes.

    As for the mouse…let’s just say my fingers are too big to draw such a delicate creature. I’m considering investing in a stylus.

    P.S. Seriously? Afros aren’t generally square?

    P.P.S. I did screencap some of your pictures. So be very careful smarty pants!

  3. dawn summers Says:


  4. dawn summers Says:

    @mistermarkw I presume:

    Women don’t find penises nearly as amusing as men do.

  5. Mark Says:

    Dawn, you could do boobies. Or piles of poop. The options are limitless.

  6. VinNay Says:

    I’m the best.

  7. Dawn Summers Says:

    False. Yore only the best if you get to 100 on Draw Something. *whistles*

  8. fisch Says:

    Wouldn’t that tie you with your partner and not make you the best?

  9. Mark Says:

    Dawn, Alex and I are at plus 200 or so…tough to tell, as the counter does not progress beyond 99.

  10. Rick Says:

    Hard to imagine a clunkier, more uselessly frustrating interface for such a simple concept. Further proof that the market does not reward quality.

  11. M Says:

    After declaring you were destined to finally lose to me at Words with Friends and once again beating my ass, I think I need to match you on Draw Something!

  12. Dawn Summers Says:

    I KNOW! I felt sooooo bad!

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