Where does the good go

Draw Nothing

How Dawn plays Draw Something :

*draws something* *erases drawing*
*draws EXACT same thing* *erases drawing* (repeats 3-5 times)
*changes to thicker brush*
*draws EXACT same thing* *erases drawing* (repeats 1-3 times)
*changes back to thin brush*
*draws EXACT same thing* *erases drawing*
*scribbles a penis*
*prays her opponent is good at solving anagrams*

3 Responses to “Draw Nothing”

  1. Dawn Summers Says:

    Nobody knows what you’re talking about. Especially me. Everyone knows I’m awesome at everything.

  2. fisch Says:

    What’s your username?

  3. dawn summers Says:

    it’s either clareified or dawnsummers. just give me yours.

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