Where does the good go

You’re the one that taught me

Have a good weekend.

But if you read this letter then you caught me
This should explain all the ways that you taught me

How to hate a bitch
That owe you everything
At least a wedding ring
Moving on to better things
So don’t you call me talking bout them other fools
I’m not good enough for you
I thought that we was cool, boo (o o aaa… o o aaa…)
If you need a shoulder to cry on… I won’t listen
I’m through f*cking with these bitch ass bitches

[Lil Wayne]
And I don’t love them hoes
But don’t f*ck up with wayne cuz when it waynes it pours
No really, I’m on my “f*ck that bitch” shit
You used to be the shit, but now you ain’t shit, bitch

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