Where does the good go

Damn you past Daaaawwwnnnn….

DAMN YOU TO HELLLLLL!! Wait…um…yeah.

Karma in Buddhism holds that the fate of the soul is determined by its karma, its actions. Every act—whether good or bad, no matter how insignificant—will eventually return to the person who does it.

Most Westerners mistakenly assume the good or bad will come back during this lifetime (“what comes around goes around,” as they say), but karma says that good (and bad) deeds will be rewarded in a future life, not this one. Furthermore, everything bad that happens to you is your own fault; karma says you deserve every moment of pain, anguish, and terror in your life, as you brought it upon yourself by some evil act in an earlier lifetime.

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  1. Pdov Says:

    Exactly. I feel we were all Nazis or something similar in our past lives…..Gah.

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