Where does the good go

What he said

The Rangers look sluggish and sloppy. They’ve tied their worst streak of the season. And now the Mets season looms. These are dreary times in Summersville, but the days are about to get brighter, the sun will be out longer, the evenings warmer perhaps…perchance…

Le Sigh.

The happiness research suggests that “It’s a Wonderful Life” is correct and “On the Road” is an illusion. So I’ll die a Mets fan, exaggerating their potential, excusing their deficiencies. This week, in Florida, I even detected new virtues in the team. In the early days, the Mets were lovable losers, then miraculous winners, then, in the 2000s, big-spending disappointments. Now they are young and frisky, enthusiastic and charming. I’ll enjoy following this team and exaggerating its promise. I have no choice but to love the Mets. Just as I have no choice but to hate the Phillies.

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