Where does the good go

And if you threw a party, and invited everyone you knew…

“You’re the worst.” – F-train

Fisch randomly texted on Wednesday and was all “hey do you want to hang out?”

I was all “sure, how about tomorrow, but I’ve gotta drop some stuff off at my mom’s house first.”


Four hours, three wireless router repair attempts, two veebeam installations and one wicked horrible virus removal later…

I want to say, at least I offered him water — but I think he was drinking the water he brought with him…that I didn’t even refrigerate.

Worst. Person. Ever.

Veebeam sucks by the way, that’s what I get for half listening to things Alceste says. It’s like a bootleg Roku before Roku took off, and now I officially know why veebeam got beat in the stream stuff from your computer to the TV market.

Anyway, I am totally grateful to Fuelsellage and I realized, I’ve been totally grateful to my friends a lot in the last six weeks. F-train made his world famous chili for my superbowl party with like one day’s notice. And while I asked him to bring me back one tiny thing from Brazil and he didn’t do it, he did battle a Ninja for me with a modicum of success!

Cider Fraud actually “made” cider (it was pretty good, so now I have to see it “made” with mine own eyes before I believe it!),

VinNay made his fancy secret family sauce (the secret being OH MY GAWD YOU HAVE TO STIR IT EVERY FIVE MINUTES!!!!!! Like for FIVE HOURS! CRAZYPANTS), Mary has got me obsessed with finding Jesus… in king cake… Petitedov made awesome meringue (which my mom LOVES AND HAS TOTALLY BOGARTED #RRUUUDDEEE)

Astin and The Jakes, Alceste and Dawn 2 for making my doorman not pity me by sending me presents. Pi for letting me just show up at her house and take pots. Not pot. POTS. Plural with an ess! #RACES

Thanks to everyone who came to hang out for my parties/games. Ugarles and Alceste rocking the perfect 3/3!

Not to mention my super commenters… wheee! I know it’s only February, and usually my sappy cheerleaderness doesn’t come till December, but just thought I’d publicly say thank you to all the incredible people in my life. Here’s to you guys never noticing that I totally don’t deserve you!


5 Responses to “And if you threw a party, and invited everyone you knew…”

  1. fisch Says:

    lol. This whole post was due to my stephane-voice joke? You’re easyyyyy.

  2. Mary Says:

    Hmm…you’ve already got a virus on your MacBook? Or is that Dell still lurking around?

    Sorry, but baby jesus is hidden away in a tin in my apartment. Maybe I’ll let him out on Easter.

    Ah…helll, it’s burns, it burns…

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    Twas on my mom’s compaqs

  4. Mary Says:

    She needs to find some safer porn sites to surf…


    my turn to *whistle*

  5. Petitedov Says:

    That made me laugh. #feelingevil I’ll make mariangue any time for your mom.

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