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Shit Dawn Summers Says

Writers don’t just write, they get paid to write.

So we’re taking Lent to really focus on being a writer. I’m not publishing anything that won’t possibly result in cash monies. Financial gain may seem like an odd pursuit to focus on during the most sacred days of the Catholic calendar, but it’s not exactly about the money.

As sad as I’ve been about Don’s death, I’ve been equally impressed by everything he managed to accomplish in his all too short life. He died as a beloved professor and expert in his field. Two universities established academic prizes in his honor. I won’t ever have that kind of focus, there are way too many TV shows I have to watch, but I can attempt *some* focus. Money is just the easiest way to quantify it.

I don’t know why I’m here on planet earth or how many healthy days I have left, but I figure today is as good as any to begin living my potential.

Er. Tomorrow.

Jamie, who I’m certain is on VinNay’s payroll as comment count inflater, suggested I do a “shit Dawn Summers says” feature. I’ve gotten lots of questions about these two particular things, so I figured I’d start with them. However, if there’s any other Clareism you’ve wondered about, feel free to post them in the comments. I think that’ll be my blog posting compromise — I will only post answers to questions people ask. Dialogue blogging, if you will.

VinNay has the keys to this place, he assures me that he has *at least* two posts in him, so there should still be content even if no one asks any questions or cares that I won’t be around.

My twitter feed is going completely dark for the season. Some weird stuff went down and that particular aspect of my internet presence may be retooled or never return. Or both or neither, I am extremely lazy.

This post is already way longer than I intended it to be when I started, so I should wrap it up.

Be good to yourselves.

Where is East Coco Beach?

Fuck yo couch:

3 Responses to “Shit Dawn Summers Says”

  1. ugarles Says:

    The ECB link goes back to this post.

    Also, my twitter isn’t going dark for lent. @ugarles Just sayin’. #seizethemoment

  2. DRobbSki Says:

    When did you convert to Catholicism from Judaism?
    Are you going to your next kollej reunion?
    I still think you have a bright future in PR. Not real writing, but pays “straight cash, homey.” Oh, that wasn’t a question. Thoughts?
    Does this count as one comment or is each question a separate one?

  3. Astin Says:

    I have up Lent for Lent many years ago. It was so successful, I’ve kept with it ever since.

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