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Tim Thomas is a dickweed

Stanley cup winning goalie snubs President Obama.

When I read this story yesterday, I was immediately furious. I couldn’t quite articulate why, but I think this line in the article NAILS it.

The President didn’t invite Tim Thomas, American citizen and apparent douchebag, to the White House. He invited the Stanley Cup winning Boston Bruins to the White House. Tim Thomas should have shut his stupid beardface piehole, accepted the invitation, stood with his teammates and shook the hand of the President of the United States. That he did not is disgraceful. And he should be deported… to where? I dunno… I haven’t worked all that out yet, I’m still mad.

My one comforting thought is that I KNOW President Obama does not know who the FUCK Tim Thomas is. In fact, I’m kinda pissed off at @astinto and @vinnay for the fact that I do! *Men In Black flashy thingy*

…when the president of the United States invites you and all your teammates to the White House to honor your Stanley Cup championship, you go and represent the team.

On Monday, Thomas instead chose to represent himself.

The reigning Vezina and Conn Smythe winner skipped the White House ceremony, deciding to use a special moment for the organization, the team and its fans to voice his displeasure with the U.S. government.

Thomas posted a message on his Facebook page on Monday night explaining his decision.

“I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People,” the message read. “This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government.

11 Responses to “Tim Thomas is a dickweed”

  1. Astin Says:

    When did you become a Republican/FOX News corespondent during the Bush administration?

    He’s an American, free to say what he wants about his government. Does it sully the team? Sure. But it also got an effective level of publicity.

    Dick? Sure. Deported? Not a chance.

    Oh, and he’s right too.

    But I still don’t like him because he keeps beating The Leafs and has Vancouver’s Stanley Cup.

  2. Pearatty Says:

    Mmmm. In general, I think celebrities using their celebrity to air opinions on politics is obnoxious, in that it presumes that they somehow know more, are smarter, and are more insightful than any other Joe with an amateur opinion on politics.

    I found this particular use of a media opportunity neither more nor less obnoxious than any other time a celebrity uses the spotlight (think, Oscar speeches) to air his or her amateur opinions.

    After, all, as much as Obama was conferring a benefit to the Bruins players by meeting with them, he was also gaining a pr benefit to himself. Kiss enough babies, you’re going to get spit up on every so often.

  3. dawn Says:

    @pearatty Disagree COMPLETELY! The President greeting champions at the White house is a longstanding tradition that has been going on since forever. It’s not a photo op for obama, it’s an american tradition. like going to disney.

    @astinto deported… arrested… really i’m not picky. My way has the added benefit of getting thomas off the ice for all his remaining games against the rangers and leafs. think about it.

  4. Pearatty Says:

    > It’s not a photo op for obama, it’s an american tradition.

    Like the turkey pardon at Thanksgiving? ‘Cause I imagine given the opportunity, the losing turkey would have a lot to say about it to the media.

  5. Pdov Says:

    I’m w/ Pearatty & Astin Not necessarily the right thing to do, but who cares he is a celebrity and is presumably standing up for what he believes. If this was a lefty actor who refused to meet with President Bush, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, just roll my eyes.

  6. Pearatty Says:

    I agree with PDov agreeing with me.

    Sure, the classy thing would have been just to stay home and decline to comment. But, whatever.

  7. Ugarles Says:

    Why do people get this wrong all the time.

    It was appropriate for Tim Thomas to snub Obama because he is a Tea Party nutter even though it would have been a perfect opportunity to save the country by talking sense to the Prez so that NOBAMA would understand.

    It was equally appropriate for Dawn to be grossed out by the “Me! Me! Me!”-ness of declining to join his team for the ceremony and to call him a dickweed. Her request to deport Tim Thomas has to be read in pari materia with her belief that, as a matter of law, all non-human animals should only be in processing plants or shallow graves. In other words, she’s a different kind of nutter freely expressing her nuttery.

    Long may all nuts shout from their bloggy perches!

  8. fisch Says:

    Your perch is this comment section.

  9. Ugarles Says:

    I have many perches.

  10. Dawn Summers Says:

    That’s what she said!


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