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Stories like this make me SOOO MAD

Alternate title: “Selfish woman puts toddler son at risk”

I mean, HONESTLY?! Who leaves their mom’s house to move into a *SHELTER*??? WHO QUITS THEIR JOB?! UGH

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  1. Ugarles Says:

    “I lived in the Bronx but worked in Brooklyn. The commute was long so I”

    … moved to Brooklyn, right? You moved to Brooklyn because there are affordable neighborhoods in Brooklyn and then you’d be close to work! Problem solv…

    “…quit my job.”


  2. Jordan Says:

    How about, Blindsided by Own Stupidity. I’m with you on this Dawn. What a fuck-up!

  3. Jordan Says:

    @Ugarles HAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    IT PISSED ME THE EFF OFF!! Like there are REAL people who are REALLY struggling and end up in shelters because THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS! But the new york times finds *THIS HEFFA*??? UGH!!

  5. Tae Says:

    I have co-workers who commute from Pennsylvania. WTF.

  6. Tae Says:

    The funny thing is, I just went from reading that article to reading this article.

    Scratch that. Not funny. Sick.

  7. Pdov Says:

    Tae – I just threw up a little from that article.

    Urgarles – exactly!

  8. Ugarles Says:

    Serious moment here: a lot of people end up in desperate circumstances because of bad decisions. The core of her decision was that she wanted to be near her extended family in the Bronx. There is a kid living in a shelter too, and life probably sucks a lot of the time for that kid. So…

    while I don’t feel guilty about *joking* about her I think it is a bit much too strip her of any sympathy and outright despise her. I hope she can get back to school and get a job soon.

    And, for god’s sake, when you get a job, MOVE CLOSER TO THE JOB.

  9. Dawn Summers Says:

    mmm… nope. i still despise her. I think about the shit my mom put up with just to make sure I had a warm place to sleep and this heffa is all “oh, i was fighting with my mom, so I moved my kid into a shelter”? FUCK. YOU.

  10. Astin Says:

    Tae – that’s a touching story about a couple trying to get by in difficult times. Thanks for sharing.

    I kind of hope the writer had tongue planted firmly in cheek. What a disgusting story.

  11. Dawn Summers Says:


  12. M Says:

    Naturally, it makes more sense to squat and put your son at risk then have an argument with mom. duh.

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