Where does the good go

Like Batman without all the helping people

My mom was robbed at gunpoint yesterday fucking AFTERNOON!

She went to the bank to get change for the Sunday collection, her medical co-pays and her Access A Ride van fare. She withdrew $300 and got $200 in smaller bills from the teller. This money was put in a bank envelope and she put that in her pocket. She and her friend then went to the pharmacy to fill scripts for her back pain and to buy groceries.

Then, she and her friend walked home.

There were two people talking on the stoop and her friend stopped to talk to them. My mother put her key in the lock and opened the front door, she held the door open for her friend and the woman in the stoop talking couple, put her foot in the door crack and continued her conversation.

My mom and her friend went up the stairs, got the mail from the mailbox, got in the elevator and pressed their floor.

“Hold the door,” a voice cried out and my mom pushed the door open a bit to stop the elevator.

A well dressed black man in his forties stepped in. He didn’t press any buttons and followed my mom and her friend off.

“Where is 3C?” He asked them.

My mom’s friend pointed to the end of the hallway, he said thanks and they walked in the other direction of the hallway.

My mom’s friend went to her own apartment and my mom went to ours. She put the key in the top lock and opened it when she felt hands around her throat and someone started choking her. She pushed him back against the wall, her didn’t let go of her neck, but his cellphone fell and he yelled “Fuck,” when it hit the floor. He then punched her and threw her down to the floor. My mom’s friend started screaming and he pulled out a gun. At this point, my mom said she saw someone looking down at them from the floor above, so she started yelling “he has a gun, call the police.”

The gunman then went directly for the pocket with the envelope she had gotten from the teller, took it and ran.

At this point, her friend ran into her apartment and called 911. Three cars came within five minutes. They said NO ONE ELSE CALLED. So basically, some asshole sees two women being attacked with a gun in their building and not only doesn’t help, which, fine, ok, I get that, BUT NOT EVEN CALL THE POLICE?? MAAAANNNN, LIIISSSTTEEEEEEN!

The cops said the guy must have followed them from the bank. My mom says she thinks she saw the guy in the photo lineup the police showed her, but the man in the picture had a beard and her robber didn’t. The cops wanted to take her coat to see if there was any DNA on it from her struggle with the man. But she said it was too cold to leave without her coat and they let her keep it. A paramedic at the station checked her out, but she has scheduled an MRI and whatnot just in case.

The cops offered to give her money for the collection plate on Sunday, but she declined.

I had won tickets to attend the premiere of 24/7 Rangers/Flyers at HBO headquarters last night and I told my mom I would take her. I think she was glad for the distraction and she always likes “fancy parties” with “little food.” Seriously, she is obsessed with hors d’oeuvres! I think she kinda likes hockey now, although I will never be able to explain anything that’s happening beyond “um, that guy scored,” AND the main bad guys in the movie (The Flyers) have a black guy and the good guys (The Rangers) don’t: WORST. SCENARIO. EVAH!

We were talking about the incident on the way home and she said that she was angry that the guy had “tricked” her with his suit.
“If he was wearing baggy pants down his ass and looked like a kid, I would never have even gone to my door!” She was very angry.
I was mostly angry that this fucker has a cellphone and is stalking old ladies in banks. I’ve slacked off from the gym since I came back from DC, but I return tomorrow with a purpose and a focus! I will be the masked Avenranger. I will fight bad guys with a hockey stick and when I leave them tied up for the police I will duct tape a hockey puck into their mouths.

Alas, until then I’m just going to randomly hate crime well dressed black guys. Starting with that Simmonds dude.


19 Responses to “Like Batman without all the helping people”

  1. Yaron Says:

    That really sucks. I hope your mom’s okay; if that happened to me, I’d probably be traumatized for weeks.

    Anyway, if the movies have taught us anything, it’s that guys in suits are the most evil of all.

  2. Jamie Says:

    I’m glad to hear that your mom’s ok. If you suspect that the person followed her from the bank, then it’s possible the bank has surveillance video. Maybe your mom can follow up with the police and pull the video of the bank, inside and outside, for the time period that your mom left and she can maybe ID the person. It’s not far-fetched the cops would go to this trouble considering it was an armed robbery.

    Plausible? Or too CSI?

  3. Mary Says:

    Damn…I am glad to hear your mom is okay. What a scary situation. And when nobody but your mom’s friend called 911…what is wrong with folks?

  4. VinNay Says:

    She should start carrying. Glad she’s ok though.

  5. April Says:

    Glad she’s okay, and glad you were able to get her mind off things for a bit. Take care and BE SAFE.

  6. Pdov Says:

    I’m so upset about this, I’m thankful your mom is okay physically wise, but man this makes me feel so angry. As soon as you mentioned the bank, I got a pit in my stomach. Shitty, shitty people. I can’t imagine how vulnerable she is right now. I’ll be thinking of her and glad she got to go to the fancy party, I love hors d’oeuvres too!

  7. Pdov Says:

    Oh and what Vinnay said! We need to go shoot soon!

  8. Astin Says:

    Glad your mom’s okay. Remember to change your voice when you’re out there avenging so people don’t recognize you as a millionaire playgirl Dawn Summers.

  9. pearatty Says:

    Glad your mom’s ok. Congratulations on your new career.

    “She should start carrying.”

    If she were carrying at the time, she’d likely be out more than $200 right now.

  10. Anwyn Says:

    How awful. I hope she’s okay. Will the police take any further steps to get the guy, like surveillance from the bank as was suggested?

  11. Pdov Says:

    Pearatty, not to side track, but if you carry a gun I assume that you know how to carry/use it. Yes there are examples when the owner’s gun has been used against them. However, when one knows how to properly use a tool, one doesn’t need to be a victim of it. Just like using a knife or scissors once you are taught how to use something, you can use it to your means.

    Also I found this from Wikipedia the most trustworthy source evah! :)

    “There is no evidence that victim use of a gun for self-protection provokes offenders into attacking the defending victim or results in the offender taking the gun away and using it against the victim.[97]”

    Ok, getting off my soap box.

  12. Ugarles Says:

    Feel better, Mama Summers.

  13. VinNay Says:

    FYI – I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to posses a gun in all the boroughs.

  14. Ugarles Says:

    [deleted soapboxy comment in response to Pdov that was supposed to be on the previous comment but I used HTML-brackets by mistake]

  15. Anonymous Says:

    It’s illegal for most but not for special individuals like celebrities. o_O

  16. M Says:

    Ditto with the gladness.

    And I’d totally be your masked sidekick of angry revenge if I was there. Dumbass jerks. Maybe you should hold a free information session with your mom’s neighbours about how to properly use a telephone and call 911.

  17. kaz Says:

    ugh, that’s so horrible! a friend of mine was followed home and she was punched in the stomach and robbed and basically moved out of her neighbourhood right after. it’s just so unsettling. I hope your mom is ok!

  18. Tae Says:

    Very VERY glad she’s OK. And I hope you’re OK too – I can only imagine how flipped out you must be.

    If dude read your blog, he’d know not to fuck with your mom.

  19. Gerard Says:

    That’s awful, especially the reaction by her neighbors. I worry sometimes about family that still lives in Flatbush.

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