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Some clever phrase about whining

Friday, November 4th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

Four days ago I was praising myself for my fiscal diligence! I had managed to get my credit card spending to under a grand a month and I did a little dance in the street.

And then…OY. I’m already at $1500 and THERE’S ONLY BEEN FOUR DAYS IN NOVEMBER!

*Head desk*

Bawl your face off Friday

Friday, November 4th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

“Mummy’s in there.”

Drop in percentage of New York kids proficient in math

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 by Dawn Summers

Fewer New York students earned a “proficient” score on the national math exams this year. New York was also the only state to see a drop in the average score on fourth-grade math exams.

Just 36% of state fourth-graders earned a proficient score on math, down from 40% two years ago. On the eighth-grade math test, 30% of New Yorkers were proficient, down from 34% two years ago.

Best part about this story? Our kids also suck at reading, so they’ll never know how badly they’re doing at math! WOO! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Fine whine

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 by Dawn Summers

I missed my bus this morning.

My ipod died.

Chupacabra threatened to fire me again.

It’s cold.

AAANNNNDDD I’m hungry again.

Le Sigh

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 by Dawn Summers

Watched the Rangers blow a 4-1 lead with less than 11 minutes to go.

The Patriots lost to Pittsburgh.

I lost my bet with T-bone.

The Patriots play the Giants on Sunday, so every sports outlet and their mothers are talking about Superbowl 42 *AND* showing clips of that homophobic douchebag, who is now bagging groceries at Walmart.

I have a cold.

My earphones broke.

My cell phone died.

I can’t buy tickets with miles because US Airways blows.

I’m mercury poisoned. Probably.

AND I’m hungry.