Where does the good go

Tap tap tap… is this thing on?

I confess, I can barely look my blog in the URL anymore. So many months without any proper posting, the shame of it. I derided bloggers like me, now I am a blogger like me. Wait… what?

I have tons of stuff to write about — did you know that I went to the final Taylor Swift concert on the “Speak Now” tour? It was awesome! And I need to finish a writeup of returning shows(The entire NBC Thursday “comedy” block needs to be canceled. Ditto “The Mentalist.”) But, I’m packing and getting ready for what I think will be my last WPBT in Las Vegas and when I return from that, I’ll be off again to the Dirty Souf. I hope to get some writing done on the plane and maybe at Beni Hana, since I’ll be dining alone and will need something to occupy my hands in between wiping away my loser tears.

So, short post, slightly longer, things should be back to normal, just not right now.


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  1. April Says:

    I was just wondering this morning if my RSS was broken or if, in fact, you had not posted in a while.

    Why is this your last WPBT????

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