Where does the good go

Thank you… come again

It’s Sunday. The last day in July. The sun sets on the birthday season and I stare now into the yawning chasm of the dreaded August.

Stupid, dreary, way longer than it should be August. Tell me one good thing August has ever done for anybody!


Was Tom Brady born in August? And President Barack Obama? AND MY MOM? FINE! Tell me four things then, smartasses!


But for now it’s still July and it’s still all about me, yours truly Dawn Summers. How awesome was the birthday season?! I had two friends bake cakes AND we went international, yo! Plus, I got to add to my collection of Mary wrapping paper. Mary gives great gifts, true, but cooler yet still are the wrapping papers. My favorite is still the Miley Cyrus stickered brown wrapping, but this year’s TNT box for the angry birds makes me lol every time. When she dies, I’m selling them on ebay for lots of money. Mary is super famous, right? Good, cause this IS the retirement plan!

Well, that and the bills I’m sending to @ckbwop and @karolnyc for all the money lost when clubs never got there and the JT didn’t, respectively. Like in pai gow, I get paid the double bonus for JcTc.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the awesome excellence of Birthday Season 2011.

I really really tried hard this year not to have any expectations at all because so many things were out of my hands and the possibility of failure was high. The poker game was at a Manhattan apartment, the party was at a house with a newborn baby, war could break out between the U.S. and Canada at any moment. And since I still handle disappointment about as well as I did when I was nine and a trip to Coney Island got rained out (read: poorly) I tried to manage my expectations. I failed, but that’s only because by July 6th it really looked like everything was coming together beautifully…and then we hit stormy weather on the 8th. Literally. But whatever, it was all mostly fine AND I realized I’d rather be sad mopey girl for a while because everything was only 89% perfect than hollow, not expecting anything robot girl.

Expectations are fun and sitting around imagining all the fun I’m going to have is a pretty me thing to do.

And now tis done and I get to remember all my fun, great things! I got a mini me! Seriously, how cool was THAT?!

I’m off to Indomesia for the next five weeks, so blogging will be sporadic and texting virtually non existent. E-mail me if the Mets make the post season or if the Patriots do something else super awesome!

Peace, love and chicken grease.

5 Responses to “Thank you… come again”

  1. Mary Says:

    Indonesia? Is that what you’re calling your mom’s place now? : )

    And I know you only wrote the nice paragraph about me because you felt guilty about locking my bathroom door and I had to get all Tim Taylor handyman-ninja to remedy the problem. That, or you’re really worried about Alceste and I bashing your zombie head with shovels. Learn to love peanut butter now!

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    #rrruuuddddeee This post was written days ago, SO THERE!

  3. Petitedov Says:

    Wait, wait. I haven’t organized the drinky thing yet! Peter still isn’t done with the birthday present. Where is this mythical Indomesia place. Can I come visit. Oh so many questions. Also, Happy Birthday Dawn!

  4. BWoP Says:

    What? You didn’t get your crub whistle in the mail for your birthday? You know they don’t get there unless you have the whistle.


  5. Pearatty Says:

    Uh, Indonesia what? Am I so out of touch?

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