Where does the good go

It’s totally the birthday season NOW!

Thanks Tae! I got the hint. Check the blog tomorrow. :)

I was jamming to this song all day yesterday. Mostly because I got to sing “it’ll be my birthday soon” over and over again.

Also, because I changed to words to “It’s raining now! Raining on Stephane Clare.”

I’m funny.

I wrote you a letter and I sent it on the first of July
Now it’s November and still I haven’t no reply
It’ll be my birthday soon, if I don’t see you I’ll survive
But I would be happy, if you’d let me know you’re still alive

I still live on Jocelyn Square, nothing much has really changed
I still think about you, but only really when it rains
Sometimes you don’t know something’s open till it shuts
I loved you so much, I hated your guts

You blinded me I refused to see your doubt

It’s raining now
Raining on Jocelyn Square
It’s raining now
Raining on Jocelyn Square

2 Responses to “It’s totally the birthday season NOW!”

  1. Tae Says:

    I checked this blog, the other blog, and even the other blog. Or are you making fun of me because of the “hint?”

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    I poker blogged!

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