Where does the good go


Your friend decides that your new nickname is “honey badger” and when you say “why?”, he says “google honey badger don’t care.”

And then you see this:

Congratulations, you have just been Dawn Summers for five minutes.

You’re welcome!

5 Responses to “Umm…so…”

  1. April Says:

    I think that’s a compliment. Right?

  2. allthingsjennifer Says:

    Ha! I just looked this up today because I wasn’t sure exactly what the reference was…good timing.

    And um, friends…good to have, right?

  3. Smokey Says:

    Smokey would take that badger down! *shifts eyes* Yeah, Smokey’s not scared.

  4. VinNay Says:

    Ha! Honey badgers are fearless, and you are afraid of all animals. This person clearly doesn’t know you very well.

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    On the other hand, nothing can stop me when I’m hungry and I run in slow motion.

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