Where does the good go

Not so random question

You know that thing where you care about something and your heart goes out to people even though you, your family, the Patriots or the Mets are not harmed in any way? What’s that thing called?

I totally want to do it.


7 Responses to “Not so random question”

  1. RedxBranch Says:


  2. Dawn Summers Says:


  3. fisch Says:

    Any regular reader of Dawn knows that that was a rhetorical question.
    It was Dawn’s way of saying she doesn’t give a shit about empathy.

  4. RedxBranch Says:

    ahhhh…..irony. How embarassing for me to have missed the point……

  5. dawn Says:


  6. April Says:

    Um, today is May 19th. How long does it take to get a new freakin post around here??

  7. VinNay Says:

    What April said.

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