Where does the good go

Random string of not so random thoughts

This is all written on my Droid, my spazzing out, too full Droid. Also, I’m using swype and I have no intention of proofreading till I get home to my real computer. That could happen in ten hours or twenty…my time is no longer my own.

Ooh…do you think Malcolm knows how to bullet point?

Nope. He does not, so here goes:

• I went to the Brooklyn premiere of the first two episodes of the new Dr. Who season (screw you, British people, and your incorrect usage of the word ‘series.’) It was in this part of Brooklyn I’ve never been to before. I used hopstop for directions and then my Droid navigation…finally found it, but still I’m not quite sure what neighborhood it was.


I was meeting one of my twitter friends and she said she was getting there early. She’s black, so I should have known better. #races

Anyway, I sat at the bar and prepaid a tab for the crazy $25 minimum, figuring I’d buy her a couple of drinks for inviting me and get myself some libations too. Can’t you just finish writing this story yourself? I started with a sangria. Then a white wine. Thirty minutes went by and people started lining up… I had to go, but I couldn’t waste my money, so…
“Um…just give me a couple of hard liquor concoctions, whatever to finish out the tab.”
These I drank in a matter of maybe six minutes while I scrambled to get to the front of the line.
Twelve minutes after that…um…

I said after spotting one of Kaz’s Dork DJ friends.

“What areeee yyoouuu dddoooiinng here!”

“Um…watching the premiere of the first two Dr. Who episodes?”
“Meee tooooo! It’s so good to see you!”
Dude. Who says I have an undiagnosed social anxiety disorder? I’m totally friendly!
Though, I’m pretty sure Howard would have pretended not to know me, if I didn’t have such primo line positioning. He joined me in line, I finally found my twitter friend (via her “where are you” tweets because her texts weren’t getting through. #funny)
Then, I read a tweet from The Artist formerly known as California April…now Maine April, saying a Dr. Who icon had died. I was all “oh no! Should I tell people?”
Oh yes, Dawn Summers was about to voluntarily engage in conversations with strangers.
Howard and Starfish were like “No, Dawn. Leave the nice people alone.”
“But they look so happy and are laughing and Sarah Jane is deeeeaaaadddd.”
We got inside, and even though I was the twentieth person on line, the theater was already almost completely full. We got the last seats in the back row. Howard was now actually grateful that he ran into me.
“Can I get you a drink?”
I laughed.
He brought me back a bottle of water.
The event was awesomesauce. They had a Dr. Who comedian. Her name was Stephanie. She said stuff like “Yeah, I live in Manhattan. My apartment is the opposite of the TARDIS.”
Then they showed clips of all the doctors…I vaguely remember booing all of them and then cheering really loudly once they showed Eccelston because I knew they were *about* to show Tennant, then making sure everyone knew that was just anticipatory cheering…yeah, and then I might have booed Matt Smith and said “Bring back, Tennant.”
Might have.
Oh, then they had a trivia contest and you had to be in teams of four. I wanted our team name to be “We love David Tennant and want him to come back.”
Starfish said no.
So we were “Brooklonsy.”
But no matter. We couldn’t answer a single question right.
“Full name of the old guy in the Series Five Christmas Carol”
“Amy Pond’s age according to computer in Beast Below episode”
“What relative of who appeared in the Wasp episode.”
Duuuuude! Duuuude!
I might have booed.
Might have.
Then we got to watch the first episode. And then they stopped it at the cliff hanger end and said “to be continued next week.”
And I was all “nooooo.”
And then the guy said “just kidding.”
But then the projector broke and we did take a long interlude. This physicist guy gave a lecture. He told this crazy story which pretty much broke my alcohol damaged brain.


Then they showed the Craig Ferguson Dr. Who homage and brought people on stage to sing and dance along. I went out looking for food because…oh, I didn’t even mention this part…

There was supposed to be “Who themed food” at the event and my document review project was only supposed to go half day, so I decided not to eat at work since I could get to the venue early and eat there. So I didn’t bring money or food for lunch. The assignment ended up lasting all day, I had to leave early to get to the venue, but only the bar accepted credit cards. Plus, the “Who theme” was crappy British food like “bangers and mash.” WTF, MAN?!
So yes, we drank a lot on an empty stomach.
I don’t know why I went looking for food during the interlude, none of these issues had changed. Sigh.
Finally, everything was working again and we finished the second episode.
There was more dance party/prize/trivia stuff after, but I wanted to talk about the show, so I left. And then, things get really foggy.
I went back to the 9th street R. Which I should have been able to take to a Q to get home.
But there was no R. Just N.

So I take that to Dekalb, run across the platform cause I hear the train coming. I get there and it’s another N going the other way.

I was feeling wretched.

I slump over on a bench until the next train comes.

No Q.


Transit is kiiilllliiinnnngggg meeeee.
That train doesn’t move. I ask the motorman what the hell is going on…where is the Q?
He shrugs and suggests I take his train to 9th street and get the F.
I do.
Thirty minutes later, I get back to the same station from which I started. I Wander around to find the F.
I assume I eventually got home though cause I woke up on my couch some time the next afternoon.

Oh, and in the name of all is fair in blogging and texting, here is a text I sent at some point in the night:

“Tqlky to yoy tomko. Phonr dying anyway”

What? O_o Also, I vaguely remember proofreading it. Double what?

•Well, that bullet point took longer than I thought it would. I have a new job. I’m second in charge, so I’ve decided “supervising” means I can blog all day.

•Oh, on my day of unemployment, I took my bike to get retuned at the bike store where I bought it. The lady was all “have you ever ridden this”? #ruudde Then I was all “Yes! All the time.” And then she was all “Do you know your helmet is on backwards”? Fuuuccckkk yyyooouuu. And when I went back to pick it up, she’s all “Do you know which one is yours?”

•Ooh and my friend kinda hired me as a consultant this morning to tweet and blog stuff! I totally know how to do that!

As long as no one mentions to word _ _ _ _ _ _ to me, these have been an awesome 48 hours!

16 Responses to “Random string of not so random thoughts”

  1. Astin Says:

    Ummm… Bangers and Mash is awesome. Had it for dinner on Tuesday. Delicious.

    It’s sausage and mashed potatoes in gravy… I can’t think of a single thing wrong with that combination.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Sausage. “Gravy” and mashed potatoes not made by my mommy. There. That’s three things.

  3. M Says:

    I don’t know if I can hold cake IOUs for people who bash bangers and mash!


  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    Heey, past promises of cake were never qualified with requirements of future liking of terrible cuisine. I know lawyers!

  5. Tae Says:

    “Tqlky to yoy tomko. Phonr dying anyway” =
    “Talk to you tomorrow. Phone dying anyway.”

    It’s perfectly clear.

    Also, bangers and mash = more for me rule.

  6. Mary Says:

    I’m with Tae, less bangers and mash for Dawn means more for the rest of us who like yummy food.

    : )

  7. dawn Says:

    LOL Tae is fluent in “drunk”!

    And all of you are NUTZ!! WHo is defending british cuisine?? WHOOOOO???!!!

  8. Mary Says:

    bubble and squeak! bubble and squeak!

  9. Dawn Summers Says:

    I don’t know what that means, but if it’s the first part of a spell to turn someone into a rodent, it better be aimed at Ftrain.

  10. Mary Says:

    hahaha. eek!

  11. Tae Says:

    Oh yes, bubble and squeak. Oh. Yes. Nomnomnomnomnom.

  12. dawn Says:

    Quit it.

  13. Pearatty Says:

    “it’s the first part of a spell to turn someone into a rodent, it better be aimed at Ftrain.”

    Um, wouldn’t that be redundant?

  14. Pearatty Says:

    Sorry, Ftrain, couldn’t help but pick the low-hanging fruit.

  15. Dawn Summers Says:

    That’s what she said.

  16. F-Train Says:

    @Pearatty: I will bite you.

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