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Have a great weekend

Thursday, April 28th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

Quote of the day (paraphrased slightly)

Thursday, April 28th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

“You were right,Dawn. About everything. You know what? Tom Brady IS dreamy!” – @vinnay

Denial is strong in this one

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

So it’s like Game 7 day in the NHL. I was sitting on the bus thinking about my playoff pool picks. Basically, if I can get a win out of the Lightning and then two out of three by any combination of the Blackhawks, Sabres or Boston (the Blackhawks and Boston combo would cause maximum pain to the Queen’s commonwealth of Canadia, so that’d kinda be fun.) I’ll be in good shape.

Anyway, so I already got Detroit and San Jose right and then I was all… “weird how none of the East coast matchups are settled yet…”

Yah. None. Except one.

I cry.

Lord of the Files

Monday, April 25th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

I’ve adapted a common saying from the poker world for my coder life: if you can’t spot the freak on the review project in fifteen minutes, it’s you.

Heck, usually, I only need one minute.

I was staffed on a project two weeks ago with a seemingly normal group of 12 people. I started to squirm. This can’t be right…there has to be one…and it can’t be me! It JUST CAN’T! About nine minutes in, I decided it was going to be the old guy or the beardy guy. They were totally the freaks. And then, I heard it. A voice. A super super annoying voice. “No, you have to fill out the time sheets with the pink back and hand them in.”


I breathed a sigh of relief. My suspicions were confirmed very soon after that. One woman started saying how she was glad to have gotten this job at my agency because her last agency made them “check in” their cellphones at cubby holes in the front at the beginning of the day and you could collect them at the end of the day. I was horrified.

However, annoying voice said “Oh, it’s not so bad. You can get it periodically during the day if you tell them ahead there might be an emergency.”

Annoying voice spent the rest of the day constantly chirping in her two cents in this manner. If the team lead said there wasn’t a quota, she would add “well, there might be one added later. That happened on a case I worked on before.”

If someone raised their hand to ask for help with the computers, she had to be all “well, you should try to hit F5. I was on a project once where my computer did that.”


As the review continued, I began to physically react whenever I heard her voice. Which sucked because she never stopped talking.

Thankfully, I had the volume dial on my ipod and the first season of Mad Men to save me. Plus, that project was mercifully brief. A week later, I was onto a whole nother gig where I could…

Oh no.

I heard it. Walking toward me. Talking to my boss. They were coming straight for the room. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Not only was she back. She was Team Lead now. Whatever. My blessed ipod would save me. And then my boss asked me to be second lead on the project. I had to pay attention. I had to listen. To her. That first day was fine, the power went to my head and helped alleviate my irritation.

The next day…well…

We had to have the morning check-in meeting with the boss. I was only second lead, so I mostly tuned out. I doodled and tapped my pen on my notepad. But my boss kept making an effort to “include” me.

“Summers, come around here and look at this.” He was showing me how to create searches in the system to look for key terms. “You probably shouldn’t have to do this because I’ve already created and saved all the ones you guys should need and Rebecca is lead and she knows, but just in case.”

I rolled my eyes in my mind. In case what? She’s assassinated? Please.

I smiled and nodded and worried about the upcoming Mets game.

The walk back was filled with more nonstop chatter than usual. Zen noise cancellation mode: Activate. I didn’t live with my mom for 25 years without learning a thing or two. But then I saw a look on her face and realized she had asked a question…

“Oh…what? Sorry?”

“Have you done this before?”


“Team lead? You know, all the emailing stuff? Tom is really mad at me because I didn’t attach the end of day report to my email last night. I thought I did, but it didn’t attach and now they’re all mad.”


“Nah, I haven’t done it before.”

She starts blathering on about all the stuff it entails, I tune out and head back to my desk. I’m on “Second level review” which basically means double checking all the stuff the coders are doing. As we reach the end, the better coders get moved to second level and the others are sent home. At around noon, people started saying they had reached the end. That was weird. This was supposed to last all weekend. It was only Friday.

Our boss was gone because of the Jewish holiday, so Rebecca decided to just move everyone over to second level. Including that shifty Asian guy I had my eye on. With so many people doing second level, we were done with the whole project by 6:30 Friday. Again. Weird.

The coders start grumbling.

“They told us we’d have four days. This is ridiculous.”

Rebecca tells them “well, sorry, you guys went too fast.” She laughs nervously and heads out to get some water.

This black guy comes to my desk “What is this, sistah? Is this for real? We just gon get two days?”

I shrug. “I guess.”

“That’s boolshit!” He slams his hand down on my desk.

Dude. I give him the side eye of life.

“I’m not leaving till 7:30.” He storms off.

He comes back twenty minutes later and sits at the computer staring at the monitor.

When Rebecca comes back, I tell her what he said and point him out.

“Well, I don’t know what to do.”

I give her the side eye of life.

Whatever. Not my problem.

I’m just vice president.

Around 8 o’clock, the phone rings. It’s our boss “checking in.”

Rebecca tells him the review is over and that she sent everyone home and told them not to come back.

All I hear is indistinct yelling from the other end. She is responding with monosyllables. I see her tapping frantically at keys.

Other coders start getting ready to leave, she signals for them to stop. I still hear yelling.

“No, okay. I’ll call you back.”

She’s visibly shaking.

“Was he mad that we finished so fast?” I asked as she placed the phone back in the cradle.

“We’re not done. There’s another 15,000 documents to review. I have to get everyone back. I don’t know what to do.”


“What happened? Why’d you think we were done?”

“Well, the coders said there weren’t anymore documents, so I just thought…” she trailed off.

“Well, what’s going to happen now?”

It was a Friday night. On Easter weekend.

“I don’t know. He said I had to make sure people would come back. I don’t know what to do. And he said we were really behind and…”

The tears started to fall.

Oh God.

“Okay, look. Six of us are still here, we can keep reviewing for a few more hours. Get Sam to email everyone, it should be fine, they were planning to work and couldn’t have changed their plans that quickly.”

“I don’t know what to do,” she repeated.


“CALL. SAM. We will keep reviewing.”

The remaining coders took off their coats and got back on the computers.

Rebecca finally made the call. Our boss called back. More yelling. I took the phone. Rebecca dashed out of the room.

I assured him we were totally still reviewing and would get people back on Saturday. He hung up on me.


The other coders and I, were working away when Rebecca finally came back.

“It’s all just so overwhelming. I’m so tired. With the baby and everything. I’ve never done this before. I’m just a good coder…Thank you so much for stepping in, Dawn. ” blah blah blah. Oh God. Is she…hugging me…make this stop. This must stop.

I was texting F-train through the fiasco and he writes back “You told her your name?! #fail”

Which makes me laugh out loud so hard…wholly breaking the tense silence in the room.

“Um…sorry…my friend sent me a youtube video.” *whistles*

We’re working away when she suddenly freaks out again because we hadn’t gotten permission to work past 9.

“I’m sure it’s fine.”

“No. I didn’t get permission. I’m already on thin ice. No, we should go.”

I shrug. Again. Vice President.

I get in really early on Saturday and I bring donuts for everyone because I am awesome.

People start filing in and I assign them batches as they sit down. Rebecca comes in 30 minutes later. She starts apologizing to each coder individually.


Vice President. Vice President. Vice President.

I continue coding away. She continues her parade of apologizing.

Two hours later our boss comes in. We give him an update. He still seems annoyed, but he’s not yelling anymore.

He says we need to email the associates “Bonnie and Claude” and let them know where we are.

I laugh “It’s like Bonnie and Clyde!” He smiles at me. Good lord, how can I be so adorable?

We go back to the room, Rebecca to send the email, me to code away. I’m super fast, so we actually are back on pace to be done on time.

Forty minutes later, our boss storms into the room and pulls Rebecca out. When she comes back, she’s shaking again and our boss says “Summers, I need to talk to you.”


I’m just Vice President! Why am I getting talked to!?

“She’s a fucking nightmare. She sent that email out to “Bonnie and Clyde”. I can’t take it anymore. I need you to step up.”

But. But… Vice President!

“I didn’t get any training…I…”

“It’s not rocket science. You send out emails and just make sure shit doesn’t completely go to hell.”

“Um…okay. I can not do rocket science, I guess.”

“Well, if you don’t set the place on fire, you can’t do worse.”

Aww shucks, can I get that in writing to mail to other perspective employers?

He pats me on the back and walks me back to the room.

Rebecca asks to talk to him again. He rolls his eyes and she follows him out.

She returns in tears.

I go to the afternoon meeting alone. When I get back, she shows me a list of names that she has handwritten.

“Since we can’t print anything out, I thought I’d write down the names of all the folders so we can keep track.”

Um. Instead of coding documents? Really? REEEAALLLLYYY?

“Ok…great…but you should probably keep coding…” Call me crazy.

But now she was completely shot. Every document she had to come over to me to check and see what I thought about what she thought. I wanted to eat my gun. The gun I do not have. Plus, I was trying to listen to the Rangers game AND do all this new non rocket science work. I had no more patience.

“DUDE. You need to stop…” don’t say spazzing, don’t say spazzing, don’t say spazzing


God dammit, Dawn!
What? Leave me alone, our mommy didn’t hug us enough when we were little!

“I know, I know. I’m sorry. I just don’t want to mess up anymore.”

“Hey, how about you work on the searches.” Literally, all she had to do was click a hyperlink because our boss had already set it up for us.


Back to my game. I had already missed the first goal.

One minute later she comes back.

“I’m going to save the search and rename it something different just in case it gets messed up, then we don’t lose the original search.”

“Okay, fine, whatever.”


Ten minutes later she’s back. Panic face is also back.


“I don’t know what happened. The search isn’t coming up anymore…it got corrupted somehow.”

“So use the original one.”

“Well, I thought I had saved as…but it didn’t save, so…I dunno…can you come look at it.”


She had somehow deleted the searches our boss created and now she was all “can you call him…”

“NO. You call him. Fix this and fix it now.” I can’t with this chick anymore.

“I will. Ok. I’m just so tired. I only slept four hours last night…”

O_O Who’s got two thumbs and doesn’t give a fuck? This guy!

She calls our boss, he calls me. He doesn’t sound mad…exactly. We get the searches fixed. It’s 8 pm, I haven’t gotten my “mandatory one hour break” yet, but I’m terrified to leave Calamity Jane alone. I ask her what she’s doing and she says “working through the searches. I have about 1000 left.”

Okay. She won’t fuck that up again… so I leave.

I get back, nothing bad has happened, we’re through second level reviewing, we are totally gonna finish on time.

Hmm…Jane has been awfully quiet.

“Whatcha doin’?”

“Still the searches, I have about 900 left.”


“Um… these have already been coded and double checked. You’re just supposed to be triple checking for glaring things. We don’t have time for you to be doing whatever it is you are doing.”

And I swear, if you cry again, I’m going to give you something to cry about.

I said that part quiet.

“Oh. Okay.”

Head desk.

I start doing the searches myself. I plot satisfying ways to kill her and dispose of the remains.

At 11:30 everything is done. But she is still the technical team lead, so I need her to tell me what we need to do to finish up.

“Um..well, what they told me…because I actually never…”


“Focus. Are there evaluation forms to fill out? What about the time sheets? Are there emails you need to send?”

“Oh yeah, we have to send them evaluations on all the coders.”

“Okay. Let’s do that.”

The sheet is one page long and has numbers 1-10. Basically, I hate everyone except Beatrice, so I’m all about giving them all ones. But she says that they told her the lowest you should really give is 7, so I’m just running through the form and this chick is all “well, how about an 8 and a half and maybe we should write comments explaining that because I thought she improved throughout the…”

“It’s almost midnight. I would like to go home. Aren’t you tired?”

Suddenly she’s all about thoroughness? Is that a word? If not, I call dibs!

We finalize everything and all I leave for her to do is submit all the coders’ timesheets.

I saw her this morning and she says “I did most of the timesheets, but Beatrice signed in at 9:15, but she put 9:00 on her online form, so I rejected it.”

Dude. Beatrice was our very very very best BY A MILE AND A HALF CODER! She volunteered to stay way after everyone else had left on BOTH nights and this douchnozzle rejects her timesheet over fifteen minutes? I was sooo livid!

Sadly, there’s nothing I could do.

And that’s my awesome story of the day!

I am a Geek

Monday, April 25th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

I’ve always been wildly unpopular. I remember that time two people made a bet and the terms were that whoever lost would have to hug me. “That time” was last week. Ouch.

I’ve been reading the book “The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth” by (apparently fancy schmancy New York Times best selling author) Alexandra Robbins (though to me she is still the girl we could count on the fill the features pages at the newspaper when we were in college; see also, cheese fry eater.) The book follows a bunch of “outsiders,” in high school. It’s a very quick read, but its vivid narrative will drag you kicking and screaming back to your junior high and high school cafeterias.

Oy, the inhumanity. Actually, I have like a billion posts I want to write now.

Anyway, go buy the book and if you’re in NY go hear her speak and get your book signed. Wait, let me look up the details…

Thursday May 5th @7 PM
School of the Future High School Auditorium

127 East 22nd Street
NY, NY 10010

The Brink

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 by Dawn Summers

Dedicated to my New York Rangers, who probably play their last game of the season today:

We were young and strong
We were runnin’ against the wind

Heart of Darkness

Thursday, April 21st, 2011 by Dawn Summers

I got a call late last night to start work on a new review project. As all of my plans up to that point included “crying in my Rangers snuggie” and overeating, I accepted.

At noon, my boss walks in and says “Summers, can I talk to you”?

We step outside and he says “Rebecca is lead on this, but can you take second? It’s just for a few days, but it’s more hours and a few extra bucks.”


Okay, start your stopwatches.

Two years I’ve been doing this, two years I’ve been railing against the idiocy of team leads. I would show them that I was different, maaaan. I’m one of the people!

12:15 I’m still chilling on my phone. Blogging, tweeting, whatever, no documents are up yet. Plus, Rebecca’s a stress case. I already know I’m good cop.

1:00 Documents are in. You know what, I’m going to code with my people. They take a batch, I take a batch.

2:00 I get pulled into my first meeting. We are instructed about how we need “to watch them.” Make sure no one’s on phones and be sure to monitor the review statistics each hour. It’s a short review and “he’s counting on us to get it done.”

3:00 Okay, well, I should put my phone away. Appearances and all. Oh, I’ve got to run these reports… I can’t code this batch… I’ll put this one back, but I will definitely code with the people later in the evening.

3:30 Dude. That Chinese guy has been gone forever… Did he even sign out? Why is that lady coding so slow, these documents aren’t that hard.

5:00 I’m finding so many mistakes. All of these people suck! I speak to the boss about running searches to catch them all. I am definitely having a talking to with that Asian guy. Rebecca is all “It’s only been a few hours.” “But these are dumb mistakes. Either he’s not reading the words or he doesn’t understand the assignment. We need to find out which. And quickly.”
“Yeah, you’re right Dawn. This is only my first time doing this.”
Um. Gulp.

7:00 Teleconference with the client. You know what, it’s unfair for me to code. It’d cost too much and I have bigger picture things to handle. That’s what coders are for.

9:00 I need interns. Rebecca is having a meltdown. She is killing me, killing feminism, killing America frankly. I jot her name down on my “report to President Obama” list. One coder has found an important document, and a couple of additional names to add for privilege searches, she asks if I need coffee. Yes, yes I do need coffee. You are wonderful. Not like those other riff raff coders. I shall call you Beatrice.
(Oh, does it need saying that I do not know any of their names?)

10:00 All the coders go home, Beatrice asks if there’s anything else she can do for us. We have her help out on QC. She concurs with us that everyone else is retarded.

11:00 Just Rebecca and I remain. Why is she telling me that she needs to “pump,” and attempting to show me cellphone pictures of “the baby.” *The* baby? Lady, I have 912 pictures on my cellphone, including two trips to Arizona, a football watching party and a newborn I see every week, you don’t want to play the baby pictures game with me. I will bury you.

Honestly. Bury:


11:15 We lock up the room. “Tough day, but tomorrow will be better,” she says hopefully.

Oh yes. Tomorrow will be better. We’re going to lay down rules for those coders. There will be accountability and punishments.
I will give them numbers reflecting their speed and accuracy. These I will use instead of their names.
That will show them who’s boss.

Random string of not so random thoughts

Thursday, April 21st, 2011 by Dawn Summers

This is all written on my Droid, my spazzing out, too full Droid. Also, I’m using swype and I have no intention of proofreading till I get home to my real computer. That could happen in ten hours or twenty…my time is no longer my own.

Ooh…do you think Malcolm knows how to bullet point?

Nope. He does not, so here goes:

• I went to the Brooklyn premiere of the first two episodes of the new Dr. Who season (screw you, British people, and your incorrect usage of the word ‘series.’) It was in this part of Brooklyn I’ve never been to before. I used hopstop for directions and then my Droid navigation…finally found it, but still I’m not quite sure what neighborhood it was.


I was meeting one of my twitter friends and she said she was getting there early. She’s black, so I should have known better. #races

Anyway, I sat at the bar and prepaid a tab for the crazy $25 minimum, figuring I’d buy her a couple of drinks for inviting me and get myself some libations too. Can’t you just finish writing this story yourself? I started with a sangria. Then a white wine. Thirty minutes went by and people started lining up… I had to go, but I couldn’t waste my money, so…
“Um…just give me a couple of hard liquor concoctions, whatever to finish out the tab.”
These I drank in a matter of maybe six minutes while I scrambled to get to the front of the line.
Twelve minutes after that…um…

I said after spotting one of Kaz’s Dork DJ friends.

“What areeee yyoouuu dddoooiinng here!”

“Um…watching the premiere of the first two Dr. Who episodes?”
“Meee tooooo! It’s so good to see you!”
Dude. Who says I have an undiagnosed social anxiety disorder? I’m totally friendly!
Though, I’m pretty sure Howard would have pretended not to know me, if I didn’t have such primo line positioning. He joined me in line, I finally found my twitter friend (via her “where are you” tweets because her texts weren’t getting through. #funny)
Then, I read a tweet from The Artist formerly known as California April…now Maine April, saying a Dr. Who icon had died. I was all “oh no! Should I tell people?”
Oh yes, Dawn Summers was about to voluntarily engage in conversations with strangers.
Howard and Starfish were like “No, Dawn. Leave the nice people alone.”
“But they look so happy and are laughing and Sarah Jane is deeeeaaaadddd.”
We got inside, and even though I was the twentieth person on line, the theater was already almost completely full. We got the last seats in the back row. Howard was now actually grateful that he ran into me.
“Can I get you a drink?”
I laughed.
He brought me back a bottle of water.
The event was awesomesauce. They had a Dr. Who comedian. Her name was Stephanie. She said stuff like “Yeah, I live in Manhattan. My apartment is the opposite of the TARDIS.”
Then they showed clips of all the doctors…I vaguely remember booing all of them and then cheering really loudly once they showed Eccelston because I knew they were *about* to show Tennant, then making sure everyone knew that was just anticipatory cheering…yeah, and then I might have booed Matt Smith and said “Bring back, Tennant.”
Might have.
Oh, then they had a trivia contest and you had to be in teams of four. I wanted our team name to be “We love David Tennant and want him to come back.”
Starfish said no.
So we were “Brooklonsy.”
But no matter. We couldn’t answer a single question right.
“Full name of the old guy in the Series Five Christmas Carol”
“Amy Pond’s age according to computer in Beast Below episode”
“What relative of who appeared in the Wasp episode.”
Duuuuude! Duuuude!
I might have booed.
Might have.
Then we got to watch the first episode. And then they stopped it at the cliff hanger end and said “to be continued next week.”
And I was all “nooooo.”
And then the guy said “just kidding.”
But then the projector broke and we did take a long interlude. This physicist guy gave a lecture. He told this crazy story which pretty much broke my alcohol damaged brain.


Then they showed the Craig Ferguson Dr. Who homage and brought people on stage to sing and dance along. I went out looking for food because…oh, I didn’t even mention this part…

There was supposed to be “Who themed food” at the event and my document review project was only supposed to go half day, so I decided not to eat at work since I could get to the venue early and eat there. So I didn’t bring money or food for lunch. The assignment ended up lasting all day, I had to leave early to get to the venue, but only the bar accepted credit cards. Plus, the “Who theme” was crappy British food like “bangers and mash.” WTF, MAN?!
So yes, we drank a lot on an empty stomach.
I don’t know why I went looking for food during the interlude, none of these issues had changed. Sigh.
Finally, everything was working again and we finished the second episode.
There was more dance party/prize/trivia stuff after, but I wanted to talk about the show, so I left. And then, things get really foggy.
I went back to the 9th street R. Which I should have been able to take to a Q to get home.
But there was no R. Just N.

So I take that to Dekalb, run across the platform cause I hear the train coming. I get there and it’s another N going the other way.

I was feeling wretched.

I slump over on a bench until the next train comes.

No Q.


Transit is kiiilllliiinnnngggg meeeee.
That train doesn’t move. I ask the motorman what the hell is going on…where is the Q?
He shrugs and suggests I take his train to 9th street and get the F.
I do.
Thirty minutes later, I get back to the same station from which I started. I Wander around to find the F.
I assume I eventually got home though cause I woke up on my couch some time the next afternoon.

Oh, and in the name of all is fair in blogging and texting, here is a text I sent at some point in the night:

“Tqlky to yoy tomko. Phonr dying anyway”

What? O_o Also, I vaguely remember proofreading it. Double what?

•Well, that bullet point took longer than I thought it would. I have a new job. I’m second in charge, so I’ve decided “supervising” means I can blog all day.

•Oh, on my day of unemployment, I took my bike to get retuned at the bike store where I bought it. The lady was all “have you ever ridden this”? #ruudde Then I was all “Yes! All the time.” And then she was all “Do you know your helmet is on backwards”? Fuuuccckkk yyyooouuu. And when I went back to pick it up, she’s all “Do you know which one is yours?”

•Ooh and my friend kinda hired me as a consultant this morning to tweet and blog stuff! I totally know how to do that!

As long as no one mentions to word _ _ _ _ _ _ to me, these have been an awesome 48 hours!

Not so random thought

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 by Dawn Summers


This trash can is too damn high.

Can I run for Mayor on the platform “MTA garbage cans need to be low enough for drunk women to vomit in them, but high enough to keep out the rats”?

I am newly unemployed and highly intoxicated, so we’ll mark this thought as “multi-tasking.”

Also, alcogol is evil. Dr. Who is awesome.

Excuse me…I think my train is…

Fuck yeah, it does!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 by Dawn Summers

Swearing dulls pain: study by some awesome awesome people doing great work