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Much ado about, as it turns out, nothing: an allegory

When a man takes an oath… he’s holding his own self in his own hands. Like water. And if he opens his fingers then -he needn’t hope to find himself again. ~Robert Bolt

“Hey, Summers, aren’t you supposed to be out today and tomorrow?”

My boss. A good ole boy. Calls people by their last names. I hate him. It’s not his fault though, I hate everyone.

But he’s right. I was supposed to be out of the office for a couple of days. It was almost the first thing I told him when I started this gig. Seems silly now.

A week or so before my surgery, a friend of mine asked me what I wanted during my recovery.

“Come on, what? I’ll send you cupcakes!”
“No. I’m too fat! Ooh…”

I did want something!


So I’ve sorta become a little bit obsessed with David Tennant. A little. (Read:  A lot. I don’t do anything a little.) He’s starring in a production of Much Ado about Nothing in London with his old Dr. Who co-star, Catherine Tate. My friend is a huge Catherine Tate fan and gets tickets to all her shows.
“I wanna go to the David Tennant show with Catherine Tate in the Spring!”
“Okay, you got it.”
Months pass. It wasn’t really mentioned again, but I was going! A few weeks before, I’m looking up fares online and a memory stirs.
I feel uneasy.
The following week I text my friend to confirm.
Ouch. We schedule a nice long waterboarding session for ourselves, either we’ll learn once and for all that we are an anti-social shut in for a reason or we’ll drown. Our choice.
A couple of hours later…
“Well…I dunno…It’s a very important performance for Catherine. I don’t want the Tennant fans to overwhelm her.”
“Okay. : )”

But I forgot to unrequest my time off. Good ole boy, who I imagine wears a monocle and smokes a cigar between swimming in his gold coins, is smiling at me.

“I thought you had tickets something…”

I smile back. “Go away and leave all this? Never.”
He laughs and walks back to his office.
Well, it could have been worse, I could have a plane ticket to a place I’m never going to again. My progress in three and a half years is impressive!

*Head desk*
Incidentally, why are tickets to London so insane? $1500 for a Monday to Wednesday flight?

Is the weather there good now? Have they perfected edible food? I have questions!

I hate being poor so much. *throws self in front of a double stroller*

19 Responses to “Much ado about, as it turns out, nothing: an allegory”

  1. Dan Says:

    Sounds like someone’s in trouble with you…

  2. fisch Says:

    You really had to throw me under the bus again? Really?

  3. Pearatty Says:

    That was you fisch? You’re in London?

  4. fisch Says:

    Nah. The “memory” she refers to.

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    Was that you? Who can remember? It was so long ago and I am old. *whistles*

  6. Pdov Says:

    You know Much Ado About Nothing is a sexual pun. “Nothing” is a slang term for female genitalia. So Shakespeare was making a little joke, since the plot is about marriage & love. #you’rewelcome

    So you are def. not going? Because I bet I can find you some cheap tickets.

  7. Anwyn Says:

    I know we’re into a little obfuscation around here, but what does that mean? Your friend decided to take it upon him/herself to disallow you a ticket because he/she is afraid of you “overwhelming” Catherine Tate?

    I’m reminded of a line out of Austen: It wouldn’t prevent her from being overwhelmed by anybody else.

    Lamest. Excuse. for not following through, ever.

    Or am I missing something?

    I would absolutely adore to be at that show myself. They both rock. I have the Hamlet disc sitting around now thanks to you, maybe will watch it tomorrow since I am so sick and cannot do the things of the law. 😛

  8. Anwyn Says:

    How long does this show run through? We should all go over later after finals, you & me & Peter & Pdov, since she can get the cheap tix and all. 😉

  9. dawn Says:

    Omg anwyn LONDON ROAD TRIP!! The show goes through july, methinks. But seriously $1500 was the cheapest flight from new york to heathrow *on weekdays* :( sad

  10. Anwyn Says:

    Ugh, yeah, I just checked from here too.

  11. Pdov Says:

    Where’s that rich relative of yours?! We need to get on that pronto. #tapsfoot
    Anwyn, I thought you had awesome hook up in the airline industry? International flights don’t extend to that, huh?

  12. Pdov Says:

    I found $768 tix from Boston….WTF? It used to be at most $400.

  13. Dawn Summers Says:

    Dude, who are you telling?! It was like $240 roundtrip when I used to go all the time in the aughts! $1500 is ridick.

  14. Anwyn Says:

    Pdov, I do have a hookup, but it is very far from awesome, which is why I hesitated to mention it. It does work for overseas, however, and it can be investigated if we so desire.

  15. Pdov Says:

    You used to travel to London all the time? Waaaaaaaaaaah?

  16. dawn summers Says:

    I was rich for like five seconds in my life.

  17. Pearatty Says:

    Remember Dawn? Remember the halcyon London days?


  18. Dawn Summers Says:

    I do remember!

  19. kaz Says:

    i too remember! sigh.

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