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One minute in Dawn Summers’ mind

Remember that game you played when you were kids? The one where one person says “I one the dead roach,” the next person says “I two the dead roach,” “I three the dead roach,” and so on until someone says “I eight the dead roach,” and everyone goes “ewwww, you ate the dead roach.”

There was some time, and I don’t think we need to discuss whether I mean days, weeks or months, here… Those are judgy questions.. But for some amount of time, I thought there was a strategy to beating this game that involved saying my number really fast. Like super fast. Practice might have been involved.

But you can’t avoid the inevitable by saying your lines faster… or slower. Eight will follow seven no matter what, dead roach and all.

Man, was my youth misspent.

6 Responses to “One minute in Dawn Summers’ mind”

  1. Pearatty Says:

    Never heard of it. I think that’s definitely an East Coco Beach game.

  2. Tae Says:

    I had absolutely no recollection of this, until you got to the “ewwww, you ate the dead roach” part and remembered all the kids laughing at me. Thanks. I’d like a refund for that trip down memory lane.

  3. Dawn summers Says:

    Not my fault you didn’t practice saying “I four the dead roach” really reallly realllllly fast in front of the mirror.

  4. Mary Says:

    I have no recollection of this game. Also, as a Latina, I’m surprised you didn’t respond with something like “Yo ocho la cucaracha muerta.”

  5. Anwyn Says:

    I remember it, but ours didn’t have a dead roach involved. I am stumped as to what it was we eight, but it wasn’t a roach.

  6. VinNay Says:

    We didn’t use roaches either. #nycisgross

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