Where does the good go

Shopping trip

Me: I’m looking for a Mets cap…
Salesman: Ooh… We have lots of Yankees caps.
Me: *makes vomit sound*
Salesman: Giants?
Me: O_O
Salesman: Jets?
Me: Please don’t make me stab you.
Salesman: We have a nice sixers cap. It’s red and matches your hoodie!
Me: I don’t even know what sport that is. Do you have a Mets one or not?
Salesman: Let me check… Oh yeah, here you go.
Me: O_o

3 Responses to “Shopping trip”

  1. April Says:

    You know you can buy things on the internet, right?

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    But they aren’t free.

  3. April Says:

    Ooooh right. I forgot about you building a sports wardrobe solely out of visits to Harrah’s.

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