Where does the good go

Poker survivor!

I’m still alive in the Buddy Dank/Julius Goat Survivor Island poker challenge.

Basically, there are two teams of 8, team fish and team donkey, we play in bi-weekly online poker tournaments, in one of the whichever team lasts the longest gets immunity, loser has to vote off a member. Sadly, my team fish isn’t doing as well as you’d imagine fish would do on an island. I mean, honestly! How is team donkey up three members on us already??

The latest team fish guy to be voted off, Hoy, thinks we’re doomed now that we’ve eliminated him -our best player, naturally. Meh, he may have won our only immunity week, but I’d still prefer to get Riggs or Al back. Speaking of which, where is Riggs? The last time I saw him was in an Atlantic City casino?

Actually, I’d been out of the loop for the first couple of weeks (contrary to Hoy’s insinuation that everyone is taking the game more seriously than he is) and when I saw Riggs and Al go, I was certain that I was next, some kind of anti-NL East vendetta running rampant through team fish. But I managed a nice AK v. KJ victory against wolfshead to essentially knock him out of last night’s mookie and win a personal immunity. I was also the only team fish member at the final table, but my jacks were no match for Ace Queen sooted and we lost immunity to team donkey for the third week in a row.
However, I had tons of fun last night because I got to participate in the companion Buddy Dank radio show via the chat room, where I am not yet banned. (Don’t worry, I’m working on it.)
I got him to add Miley Cyrus as an artist in his library AND play Party in the U.S.A on air! Totally worth the price of admission!

And I got to hear Astin’s Julius Goat persona. He totally speaks English! Just one more in the litany of Astin Goat lies.

I guess this is where I should plead with my teammates for my life, should we fall to the stupid donkeys again… Um… Please don’t kill me. You don’t want people calling you racist, do you? Also, you are all very pretty. Hey, have you lost weight? I thought so! You look fabulous.

See y’all on the virtual felt of the online casino Sunday.

3 Responses to “Poker survivor!”

  1. alceste Says:

    IHO dead?

  2. April Says:

    Is this like when parents get old and confused and mix up their kid’s names?

  3. Very Josie Says:

    LOL Glad to see you playing last night. We must win Sunday and vote no one out! Girl power!

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